That seems… fair…

So. Slept very badly last night, and eventually was fanfared out of bed by the Four Horsemen of The Migraine, Blurry, Woozey, Sicky and Sparkly.

Emailed work (I think I misspelled every other word), took the horse-pills, went back to bed. Lay there with pillow over eyes to shield them from the (burning! blazing! searing!) dimness of my blinds-drawn bedroom. Thought jolly little thoughts about cutting my own head off. Eventually, fell asleep again (oh, thank God) face-down in a puddle of my own drool and tears. Woke up at 3 o’clock with face stuck to mattress. Marvellous.

But the headache was a lot better, so I got up, had a cup of tea, and watched telly for a bit, until my eyes began to point out they were still not over the photophobia thing, really, and did I mind? So I went back to bed and listened to the radio instead.

And thought, so, I don’t sleep because of the whole Anniversary of the Peestick thing, and I am not sleeping because I am hurting emotionally, and what does the caring sharing universe do for me? Hurt me more so, physically. You know, for perspective.


7 responses to “That seems… fair…

  • megan

    may, i’m so sorry you’re in so much pain.
    i think of you often, and read you always but comment oh so rarely … i’m sorry for being such a shitty blog pal. i’m even sorrier that you have to hurt so much.
    xo megan

  • a

    Apparently misery loves…more misery.

    I hope you’re feeling better on all fronts soon.

  • Betty M

    Bloody universe – sometimes it needs to get back in its box. Migraines are hideous – hope yours is now over.

  • Hairy Farmer Family

    *mops poor May’s brow with dampened cloth*

    *makes soothing sounds*

  • Nina

    *Joining Mrs HFF in making chicken soup and hot tea* Hoping you feel better soon. I’d recommend a hysterectomy, as that would likely solve the hormonal migraine problems, however, that would be somewhat detrimental to your other goals. However, as soon as all goals on that front have been achieved, I say make that a top priority. *Lots of hugs*

  • Korechronicles

    Can only send even more tea and sympathy your way. So sorry that on top of everything else the bloody universe sees fit to inflict The Bastard Migraine upon your head. Sending you clear head vibes at top speed.

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