Will have been going to get back to you about that…

I need to tell you about the party at Everyday Stranger‘s. You’ll have to put up with the information that We Seriously Partied. And I love everyone.

I also need to tell you about that insubordinate trollop Satsuma and her side-kick Kumquat pulling the old ‘we ovulated! No we didn’t! I can’t believe you fell for that!’ trick again.

And Monday night H and I went to see the Counsellor again and I spent the whole hour and more than the hour crying and trying not to shout at H, while H sunk lower and lower into his chair and got increasingly monosyllabic. That was fun.

Also, I am being buried alive in a pyramid of books and cardboard boxes at work. One day my colleagues will return from their holidays and dig me out. Or perhaps they already have, but I can’t tell because I am buried in my pyramid, and they will leave me in there forever because it keeps me quiet.

I’ll try this blogging thing again as soon as I can. Send a St Bernard with coffee.


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