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Item – We all now have to bow down and apologise to the Smug Bloke at the ACU. He may be a smug bloke, but he a) tracked Miss Consultant down and got a straight answer out of her, b) sorted out a prescription of extra Clomid and Provera for me, so I can pick the meds up from the hospital pharmacy in one fell swoop on Monday, and c) got back to me exactly when he said he would, to tell me all this. So, all hail the Smug Bloke, who actually does have something to be smug about.

Item – Upshot being, SB and Miss Consultant agree this is silly, and I should have a 100mg of Clomid a day cycle next, and, get this, be monitored again. Hands up who saw that coming! Well done!

Item – And this is the kicker. My charting software site has now decided I ovulated on Monday the 20th. What. The. Fuck?

Item – I don’t really think I have ovulated, you know. My temps have been up, yes, but I was ill, and OK, Satsuma hasn’t hurt a bit since Monday, and up until Monday was carrying on a kind of colicky vendetta against the entire Universe, and OK, so my cervix is now lowfirmclosed, and OK, the CM dried up, but it only dried up a bit, and is still being a bit, you know, slutty (as opposed to its usual permanently very slutty) (This is now way into TMI territory, isn’t it? And I shall have to look some of the people who read this in the face tomorrow (but see below)) where was I? Oh, yes. So, I don’t trust the chart. I don’t trust my own body. I however will not take the provera until Sunday May 3rd at the earliest, which will be the day I get my period anyway if I did ovulate, which I probably didn’t.

Item – Yes, H and I did It in the days leading up to the improbable ovulation. Hence ridiculous caution and waiting until 3rd of May.

Item – Ah yes. Exciting stuff, dear readers. I am going to dinner, to a proper, grown-up dinner-party, no less, at Everyday Stranger’s. With HFF and Bee Cee and HUSBANDS and we will chase them away Knights Who Say Uterus style. Only, we shall demand wine instead of shrubberies. Because we have common sense. And taste.


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