Oh, for fu…

Hey! I have flu! Yes I do! What a lovely Easter gift! My head is splitting! So I can’t quite tell you all about the Fucking Infuriating Conversation I had with Some Smug Patronising Bloke from the ACU! But basically, no scan for me! No! My notes will be ‘put before’ Miss Consultant when she gets back from holiday! It’s all gone ‘Do nothing until you hear from us’! Me no likey! Ow my bloody head!


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  • Hairy Farmer Family

    Oh May. You’re having such shitty luck, you really are. I can’t think what to say, coz I dun said it all before, coz it’s all HAPPENED to you before. More than once! ARGGHH!

    And FLU?! Flu as in: ‘I think I caught this from my in-laws’ type flu? Which is well-known for being the WORSE EVER strain? With Extra Head Pounding? Oh Gawd. Can I bring drugs? Tissues? Left-over easter eggs? Just say the word.

    I expect that by the time Miss Consultant actually gets around to finding your notes in her in-tray, where they will have been buried to a depth of 6ft by all her complaints letters, it will be the icy depths of winter and Satsuma may actually be ready to pop all on her own ANYWAY, so Miss Consultant can then say Merry Christmas May! I found your notes! and oh, what the hell, lets give Clomid one last go, shall we, but MONITOR you CLOSELY this time. And there is the strange tinkly sound of deja-vu…

    Bah. BAH, I say. Smug Patronising Bloke is so on my cow-shit list now.

  • Nina

    Oh, how horrible! I hope you’re feeling better soon. As for the ACU, I’m still glad I’ve got insurance and can call and raise hell and make a difference. Those people at that clinic don’t give a fuuuuuuck, do they. That’s what I’m afraid the gov’t will do to us as soon as they socialize medicine in this country. They’re hoping we’ll all die before they have to do anything. And sounds like the NHS is hoping you’ll either get pregnant on your own, or decide to adopt before they have to do anything. I’m so sorry. I wish you were here, I could get you in with some of the doctors I work with and get you taken care of.

  • MsPrufrock

    What the hell is it with bodies and bad timing? Poor dear.

    Also, please forgive me for not commenting in fifty years. I’ve only just made it to “N” on my Google Reader. I’ve watched your posts accumulate and kick myself daily, you’ll be pleased to know.

  • Betty M

    What is with your ACU – do you want us to head round en masse to give them what for? Does the Cons not trust her minions to make decisions? Sorry about the flu – that really is too much.

  • womb for improvement

    Bastardé. (Both flu and SPB)

  • korechronicles

    Oh, for the love of all that’s holy and otherwise, what an absolutely sucky thing to happen. Both things. Hope the flu buggers off quick smart and that SPB receives every single one of your quota of future migraines.

  • Solnushka

    Send the bastards a snot encrusted tissue is what I say.


  • PiquantMolly

    For fu. . . indeed!


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