Into the dark

Tomorrow is the 11th of April. On the 11th of April, 2008, I extremely grouchily began the stressed-the-fuck-out, I’m-doing-too-many-essays, like-hell-this’ll-work cycle that ended with the conception of poor little Pikaia.

And I haven’t ovulated yet this cycle. And I haven’t had a positive OPK. This is not a good time for Satsuma to go on strike; this is not a good time for my body to mess with my head.

Tomorrow we also pack up our favourite socks and go stay with the In-Laws for four days. I do not know if I’ll be blogging from the In-Laws, I mean, they have the innernets and all (and running water and gin, working gravity and an indoor toilet). Technology is not the issue. Manners are, as in, it’s not good manners to sit brooding darkly over the lap-top in the dining-room when everyone else is sitting in the sitting-room (natch) having delightful conversations and wondering why the fu-hey I don’t want to talk to them. So I may have to get through the whole ‘it’s been a FUCKING YEAR since I was pregnant and I am so angry and sad about that and about my body’s total inability to give me a break since then’ all on my own.

I’m so glad they have gin.


11 responses to “Into the dark

  • Aphra Behn

    It’s the working gravity I envy. It’s too bloody strong near where I live in Nether Wobble.

  • a

    An indoor toilet, sure. But do they have a good sewer system? Tonight, I was reminded (don’t ask) of the ever-so-pleasant odor of my grandmother’s septic system. This is why my husband is not allowed to buy a house in the country.

    Hope the weekend goes well. But why are you British people so fond of gin?

  • g

    I hereby issue you with a prescription for as many G+T’s as you need to regain your equilibrium.

    I can do repeats, too.



  • womb for improvement

    Let’s hope 11 April is an auspicious date this year too, but with a happier ending. Surely ovulation can’t be too far away … oh wait a mo, forgot this is satsuma we are talking about.

  • betty m

    Let’s hope Satsuma gets some manners over the weekend. Perhaps gin is what has been missing. Have a good break.

  • Xbox4NappyRash

    Maybe scatter some bacon rinds about to lure ler out?

  • Hairy Farmer Family

    Oh, Satsuma. I despair of you sometimes. You’re so… so… NAUGHTY.

    You poor woman. I am worried about you. More specifically, I am concerned that wherever you are tonight, you may not have uninterrupted access to a drinks cupboard, because I feel that is a fair way through the current difficulty.

    In laws? Sigh. Grit your teeth. Over with soon.

  • Mel

    Feh–blogging (or at least fixing the blogroll) is something I need to do to get through those types of visits. I say blog away.

  • Korechronicles

    Would like to think Satsuma has finally done the right thing but, going all Dr Phil on you…past behaviour being the best indicator of future behaviour… I am sadly imagining you with empty gin bottle in one hand and snow white OPK in the other. Maybe Satsuma would respond better to Slivovitz?

  • Martha

    Here from LFCA, thank goodness for Gin.

  • AMH

    A bit off-topic, but I found this interesting. A UK study that every single PCOSer showed Vitamin D deficiency, which is linked with diminished fertility.

    I’m a fellow PCOSer, and just found out I had significant Vitamin D deficiency. I’ve been treated for infertility for more than a year, and no one ever investigated this (about which I am very aggravated).

    Anyway, might be worth a check on the Vit D levels. I’m a dairy lover and take both a multivit and a calcium + D supplement, but still had extremely low levels, which is apparently very common with PCOS.

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