Take your time, why don’t you

Day 23 of this cycle. Six days since I was told I had a 13 mm lead follicle, and it would ‘go’ in a couple of days. Ah ha ha ha ha. Ha ha. Hah.

No, of course I haven’t had a positive OPK yet.

It’s very annoying to be right all the time. I did say it’d take a week, based on previous experience. So, you know, I should’ve got a positive OPK today, and I went to Ikea, where all the pregnant people live, and I survived and I have four washing-up brushes, five pairs of rubber gloves, four pillow-slips, two mattress-protectors, a canteen of reasonable cutlery and a 30-piece crockery set, also, low blood-sugar and mild dehydration, oh, and some towels, and I held H’s hand as we sprinted through the cots-cribs-and-cuddly-toys section, and I still haven’t got a positive OPK, and if I don’t get one tomorrow I will scream and throw things.


9 responses to “Take your time, why don’t you

  • Xbox4NappyRash

    I’m thinking Pikaia may have a limp or something along the lines of ‘memento’ style memory loss.

  • Betty M

    Damn and blast. Hey if it comes to throwing stuff the ikea stuff is at least cheap – no?!

  • Nina

    My OPK’s are all positive. I don’t think I’ve ever gotten a negative. Except on the pregnant pee-sticks of course. I’m really good at that. Come on, Satsuma! I’d get out the pom-poms again, but you laughed at me last time. I’ll not be cheering aloud for you again, you ornery ovary, you.

  • geohde

    Well given ‘mature’ is anywhere 18-22ish mm , and folicles usually grow 1-2 mm a day, a week is reasonable. Wand Lady was a bit over enthusiastic methinks,



  • a

    A 30 piece crockery set sounds like a good place to start with the throwing of things…but I hope your prediction is accurate. Good luck!

  • Jane G

    Hope it happens soon. If not, at least the Ikea crockery isn’t too expensive a casualty! Wouldn’t to have a hissy fit and start chucking the Wedgewood around.

  • womb for improvement

    Ikea *shudder* last time I went I heard a woman say to her understandably bored kids – “Look you had a nice day yesterday, today it is Mummy and Daddy’s fun day.” I had an epiphany and haven’t been back (mind you I haven’t moved house since either).

  • Xbox4NappyRash


    Funniest thing in ages.

    The Dutch adore IKEA, they go there for meals.

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