Satsuma 1, Kumquat nil

Today’s scan, conveniently timed for 10:30 so I could miss the whole bloody morning’s work in one fell swoop, was A-OK. Kumquat, having made her point and proved her existence, had dozed off again. Satsuma had taken the challenge to her supremacy to heart and produced a lead follicle. Nice Lady W-M thinks it will go in the next 48 hours, but last time she said that it took four days, so I am not holding my breath. She did, however, solemnly remark that at least I now knew what my plans for the weekend were.

I love that woman.

Short post, because it is midnight and I have been fine-dining and like, totally, swanning at the opera all evening in a nice blouse, and am drunk and tired and absolutely must stop humming ‘Ruddier than the cherry’ to myself in a pathetic imitation of baritone.


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