Well, where is it, then?

Day 8 since my last provera pill. So where the freaking hell is my period? Yes, I do know it can take up to ten days or even two weeks, I know that. It’s never taken me more than six days before, but what the hey. My body has been playing silly buggers for the entire cycle, why change tack now?

I’ve been having that vague, dull, achey, ‘hey, have you stocked up on tampons?’ feeling for a couple of days now, hence impatience and possibly, though you won’t catch me confessing to it, general desire to disembowel every person being more irritating than, say, Gandhi.

Also, I have a swollen gland the size of a thumb, someone else’s thumb at that (I have tiny thumbs) in my neck, a splitting headache, and that tiresome shivery clammy feeling usually associated with very damp cellars, mysterious whisper in allegedly deserted corners of.


Took day off work. Spent most of day dozing, and the rest watching X-Men, The Last Stand (to which I say, meh. Also, kill off my favourite actor, would you? Take that, and that). Threatened migraine sort of fizzled out, so I now get to feel vaguely guilty that I didn’t go to work after all, but, hey, ridiculous sci-fi movies won’t watch themselves.

Meanwhile, my internet access has been seriously random, so if I haven’t commented on your blog in a while, it’s because every time I try, the server spins little beach-balls at me for minutes on end, and not because I don’t love you.

And now I must go check my gussets again. Honestly, what is that be-damned uterus doing in there?


9 responses to “Well, where is it, then?

  • Nina

    I bet I can guess. I’m guessing it’s not doing what it’s supposed to do! Was I right? Tell me if I’m right.

  • womb for improvement

    Don’t get me started on the efficacy of provera.

  • fruitbowl

    Ahh, yes the old gusset checking. It’s all glamour isn’t it? I dunno if this is any use or not but as a fellow migraine sufferer, I’ve just read up on the link between attacks and hormonal levels in the body. I do get them around period time. Sorry being ignorant, don’t know what provera is but if you’re hoping for your period, I hope she shows up! And if not, not! How’s that for sitting on the fence!

  • Xbox4NappyRash

    Nothing really to add, except applaud the usage of the word ‘gusset’.

    Underutilised that word is.

  • Jane G

    AF really is an annoying ould hoor. If you don’t want her to show up she’ll rock up bang on time, but when you’re waiting on her she will show up whenever it suits her. Hope the gusset watching is fruitful soon.

  • Artblog

    Well, you know, taking a pregnancy test even though you know for sure you cant be is sure to bring it on 🙂 Always worked for me!


  • MsPrufrock

    Hahaha, yeah, what Artblog said. I always joked that as soon as I called my dr about the lack of period or took a pregnancy test, et voila – period. It’s scientifically proven, I’m pretty sure.

  • Nina

    Mine was when I actually had a positive hpt, showed up for my beta, and was told negative. Showed up next am. Bastard thing, jr.

  • Hairy Farmer Family

    Picking up on Xbox’s isolation of the word ‘Gusset’ made me remember the time when, for reasons lost in the mists of time, Hubby & his friend called the word loudly across a crowded pub in order to see who looked up. Or something.

    It was embarrassing to be close to that much consumed beer.

    Period, where art thou?!

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