In tandem

H and I have a plan.

Actually, I have a plan, and H has agreed to it, bwahahahah.

As the subject of counselling, husbands who do or do not go to it, and how is it really, has come up, H and I will both be telling you. He will write a post, and I will write a post. And then I shall publish them both on the blog at about the same time. And then you will know.

We’re hoping to get this done in the next few days, though it’s a bit of a flustered week. H even made unwise noises (and now I have it in writing, even if it’s my writing) about ‘seeing how it went’ and ‘it doing for starters’ so now I have leverage for H-updates whenever my blogging mojo deserts me.

She saith among the trumpets, ha ha!


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