Now wait just one teensy second

Look at this. The post-man delivered it this very morning. Look at it. An appointment with the IVF clinic, a mere fecking week after the appointment with Miss Consultant at the Fertility Clinic.

Jesus H. Christ on a motorcycle.


12 responses to “Now wait just one teensy second

  • a

    OK, is this good news, bad news, or just mystifying to you as well?

  • Nina

    I think that’s good news! Maybe you’ll get everything in order and it’ll all work out. Hope so, anyway. Good luck!

  • deanna

    I would think this is good news, but the “fecking” and motorcycle-driving deity has me thinking maybe not?

  • geohde


    From here it seems odd that the fertility clinic does not handle the IVF, but I must assume that this is the vagrancies of the NHS at work, yes?


  • womb for improvement

    That doesn’t happen? Does it?

  • Korechronicles

    Well, well, well, they’ve clearly restored you to the waiting list. At the top. *Puzzled look crosses face*

  • Hairy Farmer Family

    Hmmm. I know you wanted to give those 2 last goes on Clomid a full whirl, especially as there are often big issues related to starting intensive assisted reproductive activity that perhaps you and H haven’t fully explored yet. Counsellor may be of particular use there. But if this new clinic works anything like ours did, once you’ve hit the top of the queue, you can start IUI/IVF cycling pretty much whenever you like – finishing your 6 cycles on Clomid first shouldn’t be a problem for anyone.

    The ideal situation would, of course, be a baby next cycle, if Consultant thinks that Clomid is still the first-line treatment of choice. If Clomid is dismissed as no longer achieving good things for you (I’m firmly categorising Pikaia as Good in this case, despite all the subsequent Bad), then hopefully you would now be able to step straight into IUI/IVF whenever you felt ready to, as opposed to waiting a year or more, feeling frustrated and sad. Umm. Make that EVEN MORE frustrated and sad. I know you’re totally in that particular zone already.

    You’ve got a big week ahead of you. Thinking of you lots.

  • Betty M

    Given that ivf clinic is separate from the consultant who can’t answer messages this sounds like a good oppo to get a 2nd opinion even if you don’t dive straight into ivf. My experience is once your in the system they are ok for you to go at your own pace.

  • thalia

    I’m with Betty. Let’s get the medical system working properly for you, other than Miss Consultant who clearly hasn’t understood the government’s new goals for the NHS.

  • Helen

    I’m going to go with “good” on this one. This is good. It’s like the NHS were reading this blog and decided “She has humour. She can pass through.” And, in fact, unless they have contact with Miss Consultant, I’d say to do the following:


    Lie. Like a dog. If it’s IVF you’re leaning towards, why not say that you’ve done the Clomid cycles? the clinics have to have your permission to check with each other anyway (at least my clinics did).

    Look at me – Miss Flexible IVF Morals. Any day now I’ll be writing children’s books.

  • Nina

    At this point, she deserves a pass on the morals, I think. Good luck May! *gets out pompoms*

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