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Item – I’m not over-keen on doing two ‘Item’ posts in a row, it makes me feel unimaginative, but Life Is Like That.

Item – FIL needs a pace-maker after all. This is not the NHS’s fault. Some hearts react badly to being poked with a knife. However, the NHS contracted his original surgery out to a private hospital (to keep to their time targets) and then, when said surgery needed follow-up, said private hospital washed their hands of him as they had NOT been contracted to do follow-up care, necessitating his transfer back to an NHS hospital, which didn’t have a clue when they could pace-maker him, leaving everyone in WTF limbo for a while, and we are talking about a man whose heart is refusing to beat properly here, no, I’m too cross to continue this sentence.

Item – I am a socialist and a very very firm believer in socialised medicine, and I have heard enough horror tales from the States to know that paying insurance and then up-front or co-pay for your medical care in no fucking way at all gets you any better care at all, and even if the NHS is shit sometimes at least it’s shit evenly across the board instead of saving its shit for the poor, the vulnerable, people with sick children, infertile people whose insurance doesn’t cover anything except viagra, and women with complicated obstetrics problems who find they are being charged for the privilege of bleeding half-to-death in hospital rather than bleeding totally-to-death at home, as prolonged hospital stays are not covered by their insurance. At least, if I want to collapse, the NHS can’t charge me extra for doing it when they weren’t expecting it.

Item – Nevertheless, contracting out to private hospitals was a remarkably stupid idea for just this reason, and I’d like to get hold of the politico whose idea it was and contract out his appendix removal but, crucially, not the stitching of the incision, and see how he likes it.

Item – At which point, it’s only fair to let you know FIL got his pace-maker this afternoon, and what with it being a nice simple operation, he’s going to be allowed home this weekend.

Item – Phew.

Item – H and I are veering between being the most loved-up couple, floating in a cloud of pink hearts and blue-birds and feeding each other chocolate truffles, and scratching each-other’s eyes out.

Item – Roll on the counselling on Monday.

Item – I still haven’t a) ovulated or b) got my period. Heigh ho.


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  • Hairy Farmer Family

    Rooting very heavily for FIL & his new addition.

    Totally agree with you regarding the NHS being the thing that we love to hate… it’s often shit, but it seldom criminally underperforms. On balance, I’d say we get our taxes-worth.

    I am a vague socialist (married to the most capitalisty of capitalists) who believes in socialised medicine RIGHT UNTIL until she sees a queue between her and the next stage of fertility treatment, upon which she whips out a chequebook faster than an NHS trust increasing its parking charges. ‘I am a woman of strong principle’, she states, wiping the cake given to HER SON from her lips.

  • Nina

    This is a bit creepy, but I work with a woman here in the states whose step-father lives in the U.K. and had the same thing happen. That would be too weird. Glad to know your FIL’s better, though.

  • a

    While I don’t think the American insurance thing is good, I’m very happy to have it. I choose my own doctor, hospital, medications, etc. I have excellent, reasonably priced insurance through my employer and I hope it stays that way for a long time (costs are increasing every year, but so does everything). I don’t know if I could take the stress of having to transfer to another hospital for a follow-up service.

    Anyway, glad your FIL is heading home this weekend and has his pacemaker. Maybe things will settle down – allowing your body to get with the program…

  • womb for improvement

    NHS, NHS, NHS.

    What can I say? Great in principle. Employs my sister and step-sister who are wonderful caring go out of their way type people, like the majority of people who have chosen a medical profession.

    But stir in some bureaucracy and it all goes tits up.

    Glad things did eventually get resolved for the FIL

  • MsPrufrock

    I’m pleased to hear that your FIL is the proud owner of a pacemaker and heading home (?!?!) so quickly. All of that bother is the last thing anyone needs at a rough time like that, stupid bureaucracy.

    I’ve blogged about UK/US healthcare before, and despite some of the frustrating things I’ve experienced with the NHS, none of it compares to what I dislike most about the US system. When we lived in the US, The Dude had a really severe migraine, and as he never had one before that, he didn’t know what was happening. We took him to A&E, where we waited for a few hours, and when finally taken to a room, he was given a headache tablet and charged $500 for the privilege because we didn’t have insurance.

    My brother is at uni and works as much as he can, but he can’t afford health insurance either. He worried me last year because he was having chest pains (probably just wind, but still!) but couldn’t afford to go to a doctor. It’s appalling that he was put in that position. A friend of his died a couple of years ago, as she came down with pneumonia, but thought she’d let it run its course because she too could not afford to go to the doctor.

    I know he has an agenda and certain things are left out/exaggerated to make a point, but the situations in Michael Moore’s US segments of Sicko do happen. All the time. It’s disgusting that they can.

    Ok, I’m done ranting now. Apologies for the hijack!

  • benwarsop

    Your item posts let us know what’s happening which is usually reassuring for those of us on the other end of the wonderweb. And good to know about FIL. I’ve been feeling sorry and worried about H recently.

    I wont start on the insouciance of private health care in the UK, and the so-called “hospitals” which have no ability to deal with the complications they have themselves caused and which are staffed overnight and at weekends entirely by overworked or unemployed junior locums with no senior back-up at all.

    Say what you like about the NHS, at least it’s not there to to make a profit or print brochures.

    I said I wouldn’t do that.

    I did.




  • Betty M

    Pleased the pacemaker is in and quickly. Hope he is doing ok.

    Having seen the us system screw with a friend of mine – half her battle with leukemia in her opinion was with her (supposedly good) insurers I am pretty happy with the NHS. I have had fantastic care – it helps though having enough drs in the family to know where to go and how to get the best out of the system. I am totally with benwarsop on some of the private places – you dont want to be there when stuff goes tits up.

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