Let us be positive

Positive OPK Saturday morning.


(And also, I told you so. I did not ovulate last week. For the record, I am also right about international politics, how to hang laundry, and spelling. Do not argue).

Of course, we shall have no idea as to whether this was a real positive OPK or a ‘ha ha ha you’ve got PCOS’ OPK for a few more days, and I’m betting on the latter, because it’s a good, safe bet that’s unlikely to lose us wads of cash – except, wait, IVF! That’s expensive! – and I’d rather spend my wads of cash on books, coffee and yarn (no, not yarn. H and I have had words about the amount of yarn strewn over the flat. Not yarn, sweetie, I promise). What the hell am I drivelling about?

Tomorrow, I phone Miss Consultant and her Secretary again, and I will Say Things, very politely, about handing out prescription medications with known side-effects and then going incommunicado.

Because I just want this cycle over. OH. VER. Please. Moving swiftly on. Case closed. Filed. Done.

And I shall call the next Clomid cycle something incredibly buoyant and perky; clomid 5 – It’s fabulous!, or – Every day in every way, I am getting better and better! or even – Wheeeeeeeeeeeee!


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