Oh, come now. Make sense.

Item – My fertility chart thinks I might have ovulated on Monday.

Item – I don’t.

Item – I have now called Miss Consultant, or, rather, Miss Consultant’s Secretary, four times to ask what the buggery hey is going on with this cycle and what should I be doing about it. Provera? Wait until I see her on the 25th? And if I do bleed, all by myself or not, should I try another round of Clomid? Or, as I said, wait? What? Secretary has taken notes and promised to put them and my files on Miss Consultant’s desk and ask Miss Consultant to call me, or at least give Secretary a message to pass on to me. And Miss Consultant and her Secretary have called me back with advice and recommendations exactly no (nada, none) times.

Item – Dear Internets, what do I do now?

Item – And I’ll tell you why it’s urgent. I’m spotting. I feel a little crampy. The Cute Ute appears to have had quite enough of all this shilly-shallying and may be preparing to jettison lining. Which is why I don’t really think I ovulated on Monday. So, I suppose, I might need to know about Clomid Take 5 in the next, oh, 24 to 36 hours?

Item – I hope Miss Consultant feels guilty about me all weekend. I really do.


12 responses to “Oh, come now. Make sense.

  • geohde

    You can start the clmid as late as CD5, is that compatible with the NHS?

    I’d just take it, anyway, abandoning it after a day or two is no big deal and the custom is to do six cycles before moving on, so I guess that’s what’ll happen.

    The worst that happens is she ups your dose from 50 to 100mg, in which case you took maybe one day out of 5 at a lower dose. No biggie.



  • Mrs.X

    In a perfect world, she would call you back immediately. In a lesser perfect world, you could camp out on her desk until she tells you what you need in to know. In the very imperfect world in which we live, I suggest you call three hours until she calls you back.

    This could work, or it could backfire spectacularly.

  • Mrs.X

    I meant call her every three hours. Damn imperfect world!

  • Nina

    I sooooo do not look forward to socialized medicine in the States. You have not painted a pretty picture. As it stands now, we have 3rd party payers, and are able to see a specialist in a reasonable amount of time and hear from a specialist’snurse within 24 hours. I would be camping out. Threatening a tent and fire complete with beans and franks if I didn’t get answers soon. Like now. I’ve met up with sooo many people lately that are just so much nicer than I am. I’m beginning to get concerned. Maybe I’m a bitch? All I can say, is that if you were here with me, I could make a call and get one of my MD buddies to fix it for you where you could get in and get answers, like tomorrow. This ignoring you and not calling you back is inexcusable. Go buy a tent.

  • Nina

    I think “tent” is “marquis” in the U.K.?

  • Heather

    Keep calling.

    If you want to take it, take it. Follow what Geohde said.

  • Betty M

    Your clinic and consultant and the secretary seem to behaving unbelievably badly. This is way beyond any dilatoriness I have come across in other NHS clinics. I would track down the cons on her hospital email and hound her there too.

  • womb for improvement

    You need Eunice. I will put in a secondment request for her (Just until July when she s all mine again).

    Take care.

  • Hairy Farmer Family

    God, yes, let’s send for Eunice. Let’s bring a conscience and some competence into the arena!

    I honestly feel so angry with them. I understand the time and budgetary constraints, yadda yadda yadda, but… HOW many phone calls? HOW many messages?

    There are pros and cons to formally complaining. On the plus side: you will not be forgotten by the pair of them ever again. You will be ‘the one that complains’ and, consequently, remembered. On the downside, you will be ‘the one that complains’ and, consequently, remembered! And then the consultant moves posts, and the chaos begins again.

    My advice would be to ring and either blow your stack in spectatcular fashion or burst into noisy tears – both if you can manage it – first thing on Monday. Not a great way to start the working week, but a explosion of stress and a lost temper must be better for you than suffering weeks of them dicking you about, like you just don’t bloody matter at all.

    I’m scanning Ebay for second hand ultrasound machines.

  • Korechronicles

    I’m a big believer in the Pester Them Till They Break School of Phone Call Etiquette. There is absolutely no excuse for not returning calls and I am livid on your behalf.

    Hope things are a bit clearer and the phone rings for you soon.

  • Rachel

    Sorry, I know nothing about clomid at all. But I’m really hoping they get back to you soon. And that you have some words for them when they do.

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