And, oh, the difference to me

Today, 16th of January 2009, was Pikaia’s ‘official’ due date.

H and I both took the day off work, and spent the morning just cuddling in bed together and talking. This was perfect. We then made a flotilla of paper boats in as many rainbow colours as we could find lying about the house. H made A4 ones and I made A5 ones. Daddy Bear boats and Mummy Bear boats. And we took them down to the river and set them afloat.

Pikaia's cortège

Pikaia's cortège

I have always known what middle name I want to give to my all children. It’s my mother’s maiden name, and it is fantabulous. I use it myself. On one of the little boats, the pink one, because of my strong but absolutely nonsensical feeling that Pikaia was a girl, I wrote ‘In memory of “Pikaia” [Fantabulous Middle Name] [H’s surname], May 2008’. And on the other side I wrote:

– And, oh,
The difference to me!

As the boats floated off, the little pink one was joined by one of the bigger ones, which stuck protectively to it as they drifted between the incoming tide and out-going river current. They were still together when H said ‘Let’s leave them to it, shall we?’

We came home to light a candle, and as we did so the grey murky drizzle broke, and we saw the sunset. Pink and orange.



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