Excuse me, I must just sneeze

Item – I went to see dear old Doc Tashless (still, currently, ‘tashless). I showed him the Horrible Letter, and explained that I’d never received the previous letter, sob sob. He said ‘oh, well, I had better write to them and get you re-instated then.’  Oh. OK.

Item – I also asked him about the counselling that I have not heard anything back about neither. ‘I’ll ask my colleage where he’s got to with that. Let me check we have your contact details.’ Oh. OK.

Item – He asked me if I wanted anything for my truly revolting cold, and I said no, it’s a cold. A medicated cold lasts for a week, an unmedicated one for seven days. Hah hah hah! said Doc Tashless, aren’t you sensible! And then he gave me the ‘antibiotics don’t work on colds’ lecture anyway, which nonplussed me.

Item – Day 10 of the two-week-wait. Hmph.

Item – This cold is so disgusting. So very, very disgusting. The skin on my poor over-wiped nose gave up this morning, cracked, and started bleeding merrily. It is remarkable how very, very plain a bad cold can make a girl look. Along with the red-raw scabby nose, I have cracked and peeling lips, very dry, flaking skin all over, puffy red eyes, the snotty tissues up every sleeve and in every pocket are not helping, and I am breathing heavily through my mouth like an adenoidal village idiot. Poor H has to come home from work to this. Lucky, lucky H.

Item – On the plus side, I get to sit in a heap snuffling into my hot Ribena and watching elderly Sci-Fi on the telly all by my horrid self. Which would be bliss if I could breathe.


7 responses to “Excuse me, I must just sneeze

  • Katie

    It’s disgusting, but I always smear chapstick round my nose when it gets to that stage.

    And balsam tissues – don’t sneeze for anything inferior.

  • Geohde

    Oh dear.

    I’, just coming down with the c-word too. It’s truly horrid.


  • a

    Petroleum jelly is the best thing ever for constant nose wiping. Put on a thick layer when you go to bed and by morning (if you don’t have to wake up and wipe your nose), it’s like you have brand new skin. Works on lips too – same idea as chapstick, I guess, but easier to apply. Hope you’re feeling better soon.

    I also hope the doctor follows through on all his duties! Don’t forget to check up on him.

  • womb for improvement

    Hope the re-instatement is quicker than the counselling referral. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, bloody bloody NHS.

  • Hairy Farmer Family


    Have much I would like to say to ease your suffering. But…


  • Korechronicles

    In the nature of being grateful for small mercies etc, it’s probably better to be looking chapped nose plain with the accompanying snotfest during the 2ww than during the Satsuma action phase ten days ago.

    Hope that getting you back on the IVF list is as easy as Doc Tashless made it sound.

    Nothing but get well vibes from here, May.

  • thalia

    When i took accutane to clear up my skin, the doc prescribed ‘udder balm’ for my horribly chapped nose and lips. It was AMAZING. Don’t know where you’d get it from but worth a google.

    Sorry you are feeling so grotty, but yaay you for keeping your doc in line. (and the NHS by proxy)

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