One man’s meat

[Should have been posted yesterday, but the In-Laws’ internet went doolally tap]

Today is H’s birthday.


We are staying with H’s parents, and they have naturally decided to treat him to all the foods he likes very much. So he has had, so far, squash soup. Sweet potato mash. Apple crumble (twice). (No, wait, three times, because he had the left-overs for breakfast). And later he will be having pumpkin soup. And for dinner, boiled potatoes.

And I, like a good and loving wife, am cheerfully going along with this, bellowing ‘yum yum!’, and mysteriously failing to have any pudding and politely refusing more soup.

I hate orange vegetables. And any orange object treated like a vegetable. And boiled potatoes. And apple crumble. No wonder H is falling on them all with cries of glee. He never, ever, ever gets them at home.

Happy birthday, darling. Best have thirds of the soup this lunch-time.


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