I haz a sekrit

First, and in order to clear the decks – huge thanks to all who chipped in with advice and clever answers on post below. I will try everything and report back. Thalia, you are a star.


I just wanted to mention something. I may be going a little quiet during November. I hope not, but I may be. For nice reasons… well, barking mad reasons, but they’re all rah-rah-boom reasons.

I am doing NaNoWriMo.There. You’ve been harbouring a wannabe novelist in your midst.

It gets worse. I have another blog. I’ve had it for, ooh, about six months longer than I’ve had this one. And in it, I talk a lot of rot about writing and poetry and politics and mostly, I talk about writer’s block. I am blogging the NaNoWriMo thing over there.

(However, it may amuse you to know, however, when life got Seriously Complicated And Went Tits Up – it was that other blog I dropped, and not you. The other blog doesn’t do Gory Innards Support Group and Cheerleading. So I put it back in the cupboard, came over here, and in my anxst and grief kept my internet witterings to going ‘bleaaaaaaargh’ in an emotional sort of way.)

(Also, the other blog is easier for parents and work colleagues to find. See? Best avoided until I get a grip.)

Having finished the stupid MA, and got Dream Job, and become blasè and bitter about ‘trying to conceive’ (or, ‘finding conceiving very trying’), I thought I’d excavate old, tired, clichèd dream of being a writer. So.

The thing is, do any of you want the url?


8 responses to “I haz a sekrit

  • Hairy Farmer Family

    Ummm. Confession. Kinda….. found it already… little while ago… (begins to speak in a breathless hurry) but not in a stalky way! No! Indeed no! A genuine non-scary-my-what-an-interesting-girl-I-wonder-if-she-writes-anywhere-else type way! I saw you hadn’t updated it in a long while and didn’t delve coz I did feel a bit voyeuristic. I also can’t remember now what it was called! But if you’ve revived it then I would love to pop on over and have a read.

    30 days of continuous blogging is utterly beyond me at present. Perhaps next year.

  • megnath

    Duh! Then I can say I knew you in the beginning – before you were famous!

  • geohde

    Well, I have another blog too. But mine’s still got half the wrapping in 🙂

    Trade sekrits?


  • Korechronicles

    I think you must have mentioned your sekrit previously in passing or else I have wonderfully fine tuned psychic ability because I knew you wanted to write a novel before I saw your confession on twitter. And yes, I would love to read anything else at all that you have written.

    And a novel in a month? That’s totally put me in my place!

  • megan

    yes yes! good luck with nanowrimo!

  • Xbox4NappyRash

    I start and delete new blogs on a weekly bloody basis!

    Go on, give us a shufty…

  • MsPrufrock

    You crafty little minx…

    My detective skills are nowhere near as honed as Ms Hairy Farmer Wife’s, so I want in on this great mystery. I might add that what I’ve just said makes it seem as if I have spent a great deal of time googling you, when in fact I have not. Just thought I’d add that.

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