Advice wanted, also, did I mention I share too much information?

Item: Period not quite as heavy as usual (good), but Cute Ute is producing spectacularly large clots and in hurting like the blazes (bad). What’s with the clots? I’m on fish oil. It’s supposed to reduce clotting. As I’m at home folded into a sort of uncomfortable pretzel with a hot-water-bottle in the middle anyway, and have no one I need impress, I even took some-damn-hippy-or-other’s advice and am not using tampons, to see if that reduces cramping, clotting, and difficulty peeing. Umm. All it’s really doing is making me feel highly disgusted with all regions between navel and knees. So. Medication-wise, paracetamol, ibuprofen, and aspirin all have a limited effect, though liquid ibuprofen capsules seem better than tablets. Codeine works best, but makes me very stupid and can’t be taken with strong drink. Also, the codeine is left over prescription from various surgeries etc and will run out soon, so am saving it for night-time application only. During the day I tend to take three doses of paracetamol and three of ibuprofen, interspersed, as I understand that this is OK, and allows for the fourth dose of paracetamol that comes free with the codeine. I am not entirely happy about the whole painkiller double-decking thing, but am even less happy about being the miserable pretzel of cramps. Feminax, I took for a while, it did not help. I once tried ponstan, have not a clue what’s in it, made me high as a kite, it was quite embarrassing. Giggle giggle. Is there anything else that actually really works on bad period pain? Anything? Anyone? So when I go and harrass my GP about the matter, I know what NOT to be fobbed off with.

Item: I booked HSG II – What Shall We Find Through The Round Window? and was firmly informed I must have no, none, no, not even a little, sex between now and the 14th of November (or D-Day). This is peeving me. I like sex, dirty perverted and unnatural wife that I am. OK, so the rest of the week is no go for Obvious Reasons, but the week after that? Gah.

Item: So. HSG booked for day 16 of this cycle. Do any of you know, or should I ask a professional, if, keeping in mind that I don’t ovulate until week three or four when left to my own Clomid-free devices (if I ovulate at all, mind you), it’s OK to have sex after the HSG if I haven’t ovulated before it? Or will my insides be a poisonous swill of mildly radioactive contrast medium until I manage to have another period? Would rather not waste ‘chances’, not even ridiculously slim ones. Am 33 and a half. And so on. But do not care for irradiated blastocysts either.

Item: All this assuming there is no post-infection scarring, and therefore my one remaining tube is in working order and Cute Ute hasn’t reconfigured herself into Jungle-Gym of Embryonic Death.

Item: Have also been told to take day off work for HSG, and to have someone accompany me home afterwards. Last time, I was fine afterwards, and would almost certainly have been quite up to accompanying myself home. Will it be the same this time, do you think, allowing H to go about his business unhindered, or is every HSG different and it would be silly to chance it because it could be really quite nasty this time? (I’m still taking the whole day off. Why dodge the chance for a whole day off? Especially when my line-managers seem somewhat in awe of my Horrible Insides of Doom. The paper-white-lips stunt I pulled on Thursday helped).

Item: And now it is time for a fresh hot-water-bottle and The Phantom Tolbooth.


7 responses to “Advice wanted, also, did I mention I share too much information?

  • Korechronicles

    Item: I failed spectacularly to find answer. Mersyndol Forte took the edge off but it is prescription only and the successful ingredient is 30mg codeine. Also caused me to feel like piece of wet spaghetti afterwards.
    Item: Um, sorry.
    Item: Can’t help here but see your dilemma.
    item: Well, yes. Only mine was in two halves.
    Item: I am supremely strong willed and would also be sticking chin out and saying ” I can do it by myself”. But there is always chance of sedative after effects causing embarrassing public spectacle of some kind. Take a friend.
    Item: Bringing the kettle and joining you in the reading of one of my all time favourite books. And no one I ever mention it to has heard of it. You’re a woman of taste and class.

  • Geohde

    There’s other flavours of NSAID’s out there that might help a bit more than ibuprofen- although it depends what strength of ibuprofen you’re taking. Also, they all give me hellacious stomach ulcers- don’t know if that’s a problem for you or not?

    Oh, and there’s no danger that I can see from shagging in the same cycle you have the hsg if you ovulate after it. Heck,there’s case reports of unrecognised early pregnancies being doused in contrast during them and being just fine.


  • ritac2008

    Evening Primrose Oil for cramps and clots – takes a while to work. Not sure of the dosage. Red raspberry and red clover teas to be had throughout the month.

  • womb for improvement

    1) Hmmm, I’ve always found feminax to be the most amazing thing in the world and got very excited to discover that they have bought out a feminax ultra for serious pain. Have you tried the max version?

    2) When I had me HSG I was also keen not to miss a potential conceive and was frustrated by the wording along the lines of “it MAY be advisable” not to get pregnant this cycle. So I ask the Doc who was very blase (dunno how to do the accent, which worries me as i know what a stickler you are for grammar) about it and thought a couple of days was all it would take to get the bad stuff out.

    3) I also went alone to my HSG . But if they tell you to take someone this time I figure might as well. I guess it depends what your journey home is like, if it is short, and just a bus ride fine. If you need to drive a long way, don’t risk it.

    Look at that, proper advice, almost like I have a clue what I am talking about!

  • Hairy Farmer Family

    So knackered from weekend of intensive rug doctoring, can barely lift vibration-white-fingers. Shame, coz really want to tell you about my HSG, the failed lights & the angle-poise lamp on the wobbly stool on wheels. Another time.

    I is out here, paying attention.

  • thalia

    Naproxen Sodium. Aleve in the US. Over the counter there, only on prescription here. I have a bunch I’m not using, email me and i can post them to you. Only thing that ever worked on endo period pain for me.

    Absolutely fine to shag like bunnies after the hsg, they always tell you it’s fine as soon as you’ve had it.

  • jodie38

    Naproxin Sodium is a lifesaver. Can’t believe you have to have a prescription for it there. It is absolutely the only thing that’s ever worked for me, and I’ve tried everything. The trick is to start taking it as soon as you think you’re starting. The herbal route was absolutely worthless for my endo – I don’t think the evening primrose dosages were written with my level of malfunctions in mind.

    I’d think if you didn’t have problems with the first HSG, you wouldn’t with this one. And from what I’ve been told (by 2 good friends who are OB’s) shagging is encouraged after the HSG. Most opportune time for the little buggers to get through!

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