Look! Look! It’s… white stuff falling from the sky!

Item: It is snowing. It really, really is. I even went out into the cold wet dark yard (it’s past 11pm) and looked up at the large white gritty flakes falling down in the light from the flat windows. It’s snowing. In October. Wow.

Item: 11dpo.

Item: Current assorted symptoms that have invariably meant NOTHING AT ALL in previous cycles: sore breasts, bloating, vague cramps, slight nausea especially in the evenings, hypersensitivity to smell, headaches, strong desire to completely waste peesticks.

Item: And it would be a waste of a pee-stick because my temperature was definitely falling this morning. Falling temps on 11dpo mean hello Spot the Hell Hound on day 12. So, you know, no chance.

Item: But it’s still snowing in Southern England in October.


8 responses to “Look! Look! It’s… white stuff falling from the sky!

  • ritac2008

    ahhh. snow. how soon we forget about snow.
    Maybe your temp will shoot right up tomorrow… it’s the hope clause..
    Thanks for your support …

  • geohde

    White stuff from the sky is better than white stuff from the head 🙂

    But brr! I remember snow from when I was a little tacker. It LOOKS pretty but man, it’s inconveniently all cold and stuff. 🙂

    Good luck with the pee-stick urge.

    Of course I am hoping for two lines on your behalf..


  • Admin

    We had snow here in PA yesterday too:)
    Good luck getting through these last days of your cycle….

  • Korechronicles

    Snow? Didn’t you just have a try at summer?

    Am using my time walking on the beach to worry on your behalf. It seems only fair. Seriously.

  • Jane G

    I think the snow is heading our way today. It’s feckin’ brass monkeys out there today.

    Know what you mean about the peestick fixation. If we’ve had any attempt at marital relations around mid month I’m hovering obsessively around the peestick at 10dpo. The treatment I’m on now – hcg shots at 3,5,7,9 dpo means whenever we next have a 2ww we have to wait until 17dpo, otherwise the shots could give us a false positive. It’s just torture!

  • Hairy Farmer Family

    Beach, indeed! It’s brass bloody monkeys ‘ere! Hrumph! I feel Robyn needs to make some room on her beach blanket for the rest of us. I like this time of year, but a little sun on my bones would be lovely. The snow was still lying across the cotswold escarpment this evening.

    I do hope your temperature drop was weather-related. And I simply can’t help myself when it comes to peeing on test sticks – I’ve just been obliged to buy an almighty bag of cheapy pg and ovulation dip tests to feed my addiction. When there’s no possibility of either coming up positive, I sometimes use the protein strip tests I bought during pregnancy, just in case I’ve acquired protinurea, like, overnight. There’s a peculiar sort of fascination involved in watching the things like a hawk to see if they change. A pee-stick is never wasted in my book. But I can see why you’re pessimistic. Sigh.

  • womb for improvement

    It is kinda cool though. Went out with the dog for final pee before bed last night and almost felt giddy with excitement. Apparently it hasn’t snowed in London since 1934! That is sort of worth a quick test isn’t it?

  • xbox4nappyrash

    Get hubby out in his jocks to sit in it!

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