And we’re off! Now we’re off! OK, now we’re off! Now! Dammit.

Right. We’re going on holiday for ten days. We’re off. In a minute. Once I’ve found the shampoo. And my iPod. And a book – wait, I must renew my library books; well done me for remembering! OK, done that. Here’s the boot socks. Do I need to take smart shoes? No? But I need spares in case one pair gets wet. Of course they’ll get wet, haven’t you seen the forecast? OK, I’ll look the forecast up online…. No, I don’t know what the weather’ll be like, why do you ask? Did I say that? No, I’ve been checking my email. Um. Well, you do have a point. OK, forecast. Rain. I’d better pack spare shoes. What do you mean we’ve been through this? Look, I was back late last night and I haven’t had a coffee yet this morning. Yes, note yet. I NEEEEEEEEEED coffee. So, where was I? Socks, check. Knickers, check. Jeans, check.  Book, check. Other book, third book, spare book and funnier book, check. Knitting, check, though perhaps I should take those socks instead of this sweater. Oh, very well, I won’t unpack the knitting again. Lap-top, check, cables, check, camera, check, other camera, check, new camera, check, camera cables, batteries, check (look, this camera nonsense isn’t me, it’s H). Vitamins check, toothbrushes check. Oh, dammit, I haven’t had a shower. Also, I need to wash my hair. Ah. The shampoo. I haven’t packed it. I can’t find it.

Did we really need to leave at midday?


7 responses to “And we’re off! Now we’re off! OK, now we’re off! Now! Dammit.

  • Korechronicles

    I never, ever pack until the very last minute. Doesn’t everyone? And it drives the Senior Member of the Kore Household to the total edge of holiday stress. So much so that he has to book 5 star hotels to calm down. Don’t tell me that there’s not method in my madness.

    Happy travelling to you both. And better weather ahead.

  • Heather

    Have a superb holiday!!!

    I never pack until the last minute either. But I have a huge packing list on my computer and I go through and edit it based on what kind of trip I’m taking and print it so I can scratch stuff off. It still takes me less time to pack than him but he still freaks out that I wait so long to do it.

  • Mrs.X

    *snicker* you said knickers.

    Have a great vacation!

  • Hairy Farmer Family

    A packing list on computer! Now there’s a thing I need. Or will, if I ever go anywhere ever again.

    I generally set off in a state that leaves no-one in any doubt at all that a holiday is damn-nigh essential for me. Bedraggled only begins to cover it. The stress of packing with Hubby-morphed-demented-sergeant-major is usually more strain than the holiday is worth.

    And then, of course, I am a Rain Goddess. It loves me, and follows me everywhere, irrespective of how far I go. I bought some unusual and much-needed rain to the Middle East on our honeymoon, FFS. Perhaps I should go to Africa?

  • Jane G

    Hope you’re having a great time wherever you are.

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