Daily Archives: September 14, 2008

And we’re off! Now we’re off! OK, now we’re off! Now! Dammit.

Right. We’re going on holiday for ten days. We’re off. In a minute. Once I’ve found the shampoo. And my iPod. And a book – wait, I must renew my library books; well done me for remembering! OK, done that. Here’s the boot socks. Do I need to take smart shoes? No? But I need spares in case one pair gets wet. Of course they’ll get wet, haven’t you seen the forecast? OK, I’ll look the forecast up online…. No, I don’t know what the weather’ll be like, why do you ask? Did I say that? No, I’ve been checking my email. Um. Well, you do have a point. OK, forecast. Rain. I’d better pack spare shoes. What do you mean we’ve been through this? Look, I was back late last night and I haven’t had a coffee yet this morning. Yes, note yet. I NEEEEEEEEEED coffee. So, where was I? Socks, check. Knickers, check. Jeans, check.  Book, check. Other book, third book, spare book and funnier book, check. Knitting, check, though perhaps I should take those socks instead of this sweater. Oh, very well, I won’t unpack the knitting again. Lap-top, check, cables, check, camera, check, other camera, check, new camera, check, camera cables, batteries, check (look, this camera nonsense isn’t me, it’s H). Vitamins check, toothbrushes check. Oh, dammit, I haven’t had a shower. Also, I need to wash my hair. Ah. The shampoo. I haven’t packed it. I can’t find it.

Did we really need to leave at midday?