Two Week Wait, I haz it.

So, you know. Two week wait. My sixth ever. Yes, only my sixth ever. God, but Satsuma is a lazy little stinker, bless her.

Of course, I shall be ignoring the two week wait, as H and I will be On Holiday. In a car. Somewhere all points North of current location. And we will be ignoring pee-stickery. Yes we will. either I will get my period on Sunday week, or I shan’t, but I will still be on holiday and it will not be my problem apart from a certain manic-ness about avoiding alcohol and coffee which will of course suck flaming green donkey backside as I will be on holiday, ferChrissakes. I need a drink at the very thought.

But I will be taking the pre-natal vitamins. I have been taking the stupid things on and off for bloody buggering ever. The latest box really ground away at my nerves. It had a picture of a smiling slender lady proudly showing off a dainty naked bump. Ewwwwwww. The first thing I did on getting out of hospital back in June was to chuck the box to the back of a dark cupboard and pray for cockroaches. I recovered my equanimity sufficiently to fish the astonishingly smug object out again before taking the provera and starting this cycle properly (oh, don’t panic, I was taking vitamins with lots of lovely Folic acid in before then too. Just not pre-natal ones). At last, at last, I am about to take the last tablet, and can rip the box into teeny tiny shreds and stuff them into the recycling. So today I went into the Fancy Organic Shop to buy more prenatal vitamins, and to make damn sure this box didn’t have a smirking nincompoop fondling herself all over it.

I got very expensive ones.

I sort of wish I hadn’t.

And I know very well I couldn’t possibly do otherwise.

If I do get *ahem*, anyway, that, this cycle, which I shan’t, because really, I will feel justified in getting the Expensive Pills. Only the best for my spawn.

But if, no, when, I don’t, and I shall have been leaving a trail of seriously over-priced widdle all over the British Isles, and for what? For the benefit of the manufacturers, that’s for what, arse feck etc., where was I? Oh yes. I take expensive vitamins. My uterus sneers thereat. I menstruate on cue. I look sadly into my wallet. I decide the minimalist packaging is just as smug and annoying as Cheap’n’Cheerful version.

But then, what if? What if not? Bitter McTwisted and the Positive Thinking Fairy have set up camp in my fore-brain and are flicking pop-corn at each other.

And I really had no idea how extra extra paranoid I’d become having lost one. Dear God, this sucks.

After this cycle, we visit the ACU again, to see the specialist. We will probably be given three more goes of Clomid and be sent off again. We will take our three more goes. And then it will be yet another childless Christmas, and whatever shall I do to survive that?


11 responses to “Two Week Wait, I haz it.

  • Geohde

    May- I’d just leave it at the folate if the prenatal packets are as irritating as they seem.

    Folate’s the only thing there’s decent evidence for anyway, the rest is preying on, well, you get it.

    Or if you became, ahem, thingy that starts with p, you could start taking the overpriced piddle makers then?

    Hoping you strike it lucky in your next 3 clomid goes. I still hoard leftover clomid at home, goodness knows why since it doesn’t work when your partner has dodgy sperm…..I find that box every bit as annoying as the bumpy preggy vitamin boxes.

    Of which I went through about a billion before my eventual conception…


  • Hairy Farmer Family

    Oh, those bastard folic tablets. I used to get so depressed taking them.. and stopping taking them… and taking them hopefully… and then stopping again. Afraid I bought the cheapo variety though, on account of the fact that Hubby rams broccoli into me (oo-er!) at every possible opportunity.
    The paranoia is hard to out-run. We never managed it, anyway. Washed every scrap of salad. Avoided soft cheese and pate (oh, the pain!) like the plague. No drinkies. No toasty-hot baths. Knowing all the time it didn’t really make a scrap of difference to the internal attractiveness of my uteri to arriving embryos… but you just gotta do it anyway. Worst case scenario, it’s only for a couple of weeks. Best case scenario, you’ll be so delighted (and so will we!) that you won’t mind the extra faffing and abstinence half as much.

    I DO hope Satsuma Did Her Thing. I really, really do.

  • Xbox4NappyRash

    Funny, there are a few of ‘us’ out there now in sync, our (I can say ‘our’ can’t I?) period is also due Sunday week, and we will almost certainly also be on holiday somewhere….

    Here’s to satsuma!

  • megan

    May, ENJOY your holiday. seriously. i have this to say….please don’t judge…but i say DRINK. drink alcohol. drink coffee. enjoy your holiday. you can abstain once you have a positive pee stick, but seriously? if you so happen to be that thing that may or may not start with p, everything will still be okay.

    i know, i know…i wouldn’t be able to either. but i would still like to encourage you to do so!

    have a great holiday!


  • AMH

    Enjoy a well-deserved holiday. I hesitate to offer unsolicited advice, but if I may just make a small suggestion in the hope it may ease your anxiety this go-round – I am also a PCOSer. I am a metformin/glucophage enthusiast, but understand it is not necessarily standard protocol for PCOS in the UK. What I might suggest is that some physicians believe they have established a correlation between high insulin levels associated with PCOS, and increased blood clotting. Metformin is believed to reduce miscarriage rates because it inhibits clotting a bit. If metformin is not standard protocol, perhaps a low-dose aspirin might be worth investigating?

  • womb for improvement

    Do you remember your first packet? The little smirk as you bought the pre-natal vitamin pills. No, not pregnant yet, but by gum you are going to be in the best possible shape when you are. Now I look at the nth packet as it dwindles with no sight of a pregnancy. I’m going to decant the pills to avoid the woman gazing at her bump on the front.

  • Solnushka

    I peeled the sticker of the happy pregnant woman off my pils after the first time. I highly recommend Sanatagen for their easily peelable stickers.

    Anyway. Have a great holiday.

  • Korechronicles

    Happy, happy holiday dear May. And yay! to your plan to stay away from the pee sticks. And double boo sucks to the staying away from alcohol and caffeine. The two things that I look forward to the most on holiday. Would you mind very much if I drink your share over the next two weeks? No need for thanks, I’m just happy to help out.

  • Heather

    Have a GREAT holiday!!!

    And for future reference, here are two ideas I came up with while reading this:
    1- Permanent marker. Make it an alien coming out of her stomach and her face in agonizing pain.

    2- stickers. How about a lovely flower sticker right over the bitch?

  • katie

    Get the Boots ones. Cheap, usually on 3-for-2, and no smug pictures. The ones with omega-3 come in a blister pack that looks just the same as the regular women’s vitamins (and also the regular men’s vitamins, which would be confusing if one’s spouse took vitamins, but as he’s on a vitamin strike it isn’t).

  • megnath

    Bad, probably irresponsible advice: drink till it’s pink!
    Enjoy your’ holiday!

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