Nothing. Just, stuff.

Things I have gathered this week that I could have done without:

  1. Large and splendid bruise on forearm caused by collision between book-trolley, step-ladder and book-shelves. Looking where one is going is always so useful on these occasions. Heigh ho.
  2. Bitten tongue. No, a real one. I was re-jigging my frontage while clambering into a bra that fits a little oddly, and somehow smacked myself in the chin.
  3. Oh, and I dropped a book on my toe.
  4. Also, my tomatoey lunch down the leg of my jeans.

Things I lost this week that I could have done with keeping:

  1. The battery on my iPod. It is doomed. It lasts about an hour tops. It also keeps pretending that it has no battery left and falling asleep. It is, admittedly, a first-generation thingie with actual buttons across the top, a black-and-grey screen, and only 20GB.
  2. My temper, numerous times. For no major and important reasons at all. I need a holiday very badly indeed. Oh good, I’m having one.
  3. Access to the university library, as I am no longer a student.

Things involving perspective, lessons in:

  1. The sister of a friend was diagnosed with cancer last week. And it’s already so far advanced it’s terminal, and agonising. Because she has reached her sixties without ever having a mammogram. This makes me just want to sit down and cry.
  2. One of my colleagues revealed she had a Big Nasty Chronic Incurable Degenerative Disorder. Why is it only the decent people get these?
  3. A friend of the family had a minor heart-attack. Luckily minor.
  4. And what, oh heavens, will you pour down on us next week? A rain of miniature dragons? Giant Mylodons roaming the streets of London, tearing the roofs off? Squadrons of winged pigs in full make-up crossing the Atlantic?

4 responses to “Nothing. Just, stuff.

  • Geohde

    Yes, why is it that only the nice people get the nasty diseases?

    All the nasty people seem to be in rude good health…


  • megan

    sigh…have i even congratulated you on finishing your dissertation? i’m such a lousy bloggy friend these days. may i still congratulate you, even as i am appallingly late?

    Perspective is good, but can also be a bear.

    Hope all else is going well with you, and that you have a pal at university that will let you use their numbers. . .

  • Katie

    I’m highly amused by you injuring yourself putting on a bra. I thought it was only me who strains my shoulder doing that sometimes.

    But bad news about your friend’s sister and your colleague. I know they don’t do mammograms that frequently in the UK, but I thought they were recommended at some ages??!

  • May

    Katie – this particular friend lives in the States. I daren’t ask why her sister has never had a mammogram. If the answer is because her insurance never covered it and she couldn’t afford it, I am likely to be arrested on the lawn of the White House, half-naked and wrapped in an NHS banner.

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