Getting somewhere possibly and with much back-tracking

When not crying so hard I forget what lungs are for, I get on with my life. I go to work. I hold conversations with colleagues. About tennis. And cataloguing. And the weather. My mother and I went to a knitting craft show on Saturday, and we both spent Far Too Much Money on yumminy scrumminy yarn ( I am now knitting a scarf in colours so festively lurid you could spot the wearer from the Moon). We even had a calm, civilised discussion about my ongoing pregnancy quest. And Christmas. Obviously.

And I feel a little empty.

I know this is very much to do with Finishing The MA, and not being allowed to take my dissertation back for a good going-over with the perfectionist stick, and having nothing to do of an evening beyond cook dinner and watch University Challenge. Oh, and screw, of course. There’s always that.

So. On Sunday, H and I are hiring a car and wandering off across Blighty for a week or so. That should be taking my mind off things quite nicely, despite the Duty Visit to my dad plonked in the middle of it all.  Relaxation. Fun. Staring at castles in the rain in a contentedly soggy way. National Trust coffee shops. Sex in strange beds. Heh heh.

Aaaaaaannndddd… Satsuma has scuppered that. She produced a positive OPK this morning, and then spent the early evening doing her trade-mark John-Hurt-in-Alien whingeathon (I always think her pinging away might be ovulation pain right up until she does that, and oh, so that’s actual ovulation pain. Ah. OW.). So we shall be spending the two week wait on holiday. We are considering leaving pee-sticks at home. This will no doubt end in embarrassing and farcical attempts to find a chemist in Bog-End, Middle-Wilderness at ten-to-midnight. Will on no account forget the sticky-back duvets. Am packing them right now. By the cubic foot.


11 responses to “Getting somewhere possibly and with much back-tracking

  • megnath

    Ahhh! I’ll be on pins and needles until you get back. Don’t bring any pee sticks – enjoy your much deserved vaca!!!

  • Mrs.X

    Have I told you how much you crack me up with your wonderful writing? Well, you do.

    And, have a fabulous vacation. There is something about strange beds that puts one in an amorous mood. I would leave the peesticks at home. Enjoy a complete vacation. From it all.

  • Xbox4NappyRash

    Enjoy the holiday!

    I’m looking forward to our own 2ww not being during hideous occasions for a change.

  • Geohde

    Good luck my dear.

    Hope you don’tneed the panty bricks 🙂


  • Jane G

    I say leave the pee sticks at home. Actually, by coincidence, we are also on hols from this weekend for nine days and we are going to be doing some motoring around Blighty also. So I might bump into you in a tea shop somewhere in the Cotswolds. I’m having fantasies of Famous Five-type high teas with lashings of ginger beer and radishes fresh from the garden.

    Sex in strange beds sounds good too mind you!

  • Katie

    Have a lovely holiday – take the duvets and leave the pee-sticks is my advice.

  • MsPrufrock

    Er, I assume you are not venturing south of your current locale on your holidays? I trust that if you are, you will notify me so I can get all gussied up and meet you somewhere in order to marry you. Oh, already married? Me too, but whatever.

  • Hairy Farmer Family

    I would make horrified ‘OMG, you had the CHRISTMAS conversation’ noises… but… I had the same discussion with Mum last week. And I saw Christmas cards on sale in Oxford. I have even bought my first gift.

    Arrgghghh! Don’t bother hating me, I’ll do it myself.

    Now, you tell that Prufrock woman to bugger orff; you’re heading in my direction, not south! Pru, you’re just gonna have to up-sticks and hammer round the M25 and up the M40 – I’ll stick the kettle on, there’s nice biscuits in the tin, and the church is booked. I’ll fight you for her when she gets here.

  • May

    Pru and HFF, now, now, ladies. You know very well I’m promised to the both of you and you’ll just have to share.

    Bigamy is alive and well in the blogging community. Heh heh.

  • womb for improvement

    Ooooh! I do love a bit of National Trust (beats the National Health, although saying that with some hospitals I’ve been to they could qualify for both). Save the pee sticks for your return, they won’t make you act any differently. Not with all those squeaky, strange beds needing christened.

  • korechronicles

    Wishing you a lovely time motoring around the land of my ancestors and hoping that the suitcase of you-know-whats are totally superfluous. Not offering any assvice on the peesticks either. Do whatever helps is my mantra.

    As for the various weddings on offer, would you mind sending me an invitation? My dream afternoon would be tea and biscuits while watching May, Ms Pru and HFF Wifey taking their vows in the real Olde English Village Church of Sodding-on-the-Moor. Just give me a day or two notice for the flying over.

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