I iz heer. Oof.

Item: Do not throw a migraine on a Friday when everyone in the office is on leave except you and the office ding-bat. Even if the horse-pills work super-good and all you get is the highly entertaining aura (castellated scotoma (also known as fortification spectra, loss of left-hand field of vision, tingling tongue and lips, slurred speech, general inability to walk in a straight line, sudden inability to spell), it will make you the office ding-bat. Super-fun.

Item: I hate my dissertation. My dissertation hates me. I grudge every second I spend working on it with the concentrated loathing of a thousand suns. Nevertheless, I might actually finish it in time to go party with some friends the weekend before the Dreaded Monday I have to hand it in. Now that I have told the internets this, I will be ground zero for a chunk of debris from a passing airplane, or some other colourful and incapacitating disaster. Or, hey, writer’s block! I could have that again! And another migraine or two! Because the provera and clomid so help with that!

Item: Speaking of provera, I have taken my five-days-worth, and we are now waiting for the agonising haemorrhage we know and love to make a freaking wreck of my carefully planned study leave. H, on his way out to the shops this afternoon (while I clattered away at my lap-top in nothing but tee-shirt-with-hole-in and big knickers, oooh but I am so classy at weekends), actually remembered to get me to check my stock of medium tampons, big tampons, huge tampons and colossal tampons, panty-liners, towels with wings, and small sticky-backed duvets. Just in case. And that man is so beautifully well-trained he came back again with the extremely vital six bars of black chocolate. I’d marry him like a shot, but alas we are already both hitched.

Item: I am turning into an Olympics junkie. Help me. Send more strapping young men in tight shorts.


10 responses to “I iz heer. Oof.

  • Geohde

    Ah, the wonders of the sanitary product aisle. I believe the only items from THAT particular menu I am now yet to sample are the ones designed for catching wee…..


  • Emily

    Ah ha! So you’re not dead! lol Dissertation, eeeeeewwwwww! I can’t imagine going back to school, but then again I just got out, maybe I’ll feel differently in a few years. God do I hate writing papers though! Bleugh. At least you’ve got the well trained husband thing going for ya. ; p


  • MsPrufrock

    I have writer’s block just writing comments, let alone a dissertation. Poor dear.

    As for the Olympics, didn’t swimmers used to wear tiny Speedos? Now it’s like a full on body suit, which, despite still displaying bulge (not that I’m looking – I prefer a man in a suit), doesn’t let you see the lovely muscles quite so much. Despite this incredibly sexist comment, I do enjoy watching the Olympics for the actual athletic merit. I’m not using it as a way to ogle mean. No, really. No, I’m serious. Ok, a couple of the divers are nice to look at. That’s it.

  • Hairy Farmer Family

    I can always bike you down a selection from my huge array of sanitaryware, should you be caught utterly short! And I do love the sticky-backed duvets terminology. My dear MIL despatched Hubby home with some of her mother’s continence pads when I was expecting Harry, for ‘after the birth’. I rejected them ungraciously at the time, but when I stained the mattress AGAIN with my last tsunami, I wondered if perhaps dignity really did need to rank higher than hasslesome soapy scrubbing in the early hours. They had, after all, looked capable of catching everything I could throw at them.

    The Olympic shorts are indeed very short and highly appealing. I keep getting all teary when we win stuff! I keep getting all teary when we lose stuff! And bless the commentators, I think the rowing events are taking years off some of them. The British are coming! The British are coming!

  • Heather

    OMG! I love the Olympics…the tasty men. Oh My.

  • Katie

    They are awfully tight, aren’t they? not that I’ve looked, of course.

  • womb for improvement

    Did you finish it then?

    I’ve started to rate sports by the type of bodies they produce, swimmers, oh yes; sprinters, not so much so. I’m sure the husband appreciates my thoughtful critique of the physiques. You know just from an aesthetic point of view… (p.s. cyclists, yup; shotputters, get out; rowers, just too posh)

  • Jane G

    Sticky backed duvets, pml!!

  • Mrs.X

    Is it just me or is there a lot of shrinkage going on in the men’s diving and swimming competition?

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