This will be quick. It has to be quick, I am using all my spare not-working time to dissertate. I can’t talk to you guys, even if I really want to. Because I need to write 15000 words on the Joys of Librarianing. Before the 1st of September. Well before, because I need to get two copies of the sodding thing bound. And I am well and truly behind, because I spent from the 19th of May to the, ooh, embarrassingment of July, doing absolutely no intellectual work whatsoever and letting my brain turn into a festering heap of weeds.

Item: Thank you for the chocolate chip cookies. Hell, not even cookies. More as if I held out my hands and you poured the chocolate chips into them direct from the packet.

Item: Apropos of cookies, Mrs X gave me an entire cake. An award! For me! I must do a proper post on that, and award some awards myself.

Item: Satsuma still messing me about. Also, have sore throat and impending cold (but of course!) so my temperature is all over the place. Bother it all. I have picked up the provera box and shaken it threateningly at my lower abdomen on numerous occasions, and I think the time has come to follow through. Or Satsuma will never believe me again and will become even more spoilt and uncooperative. Also, if I take provera this week, H and I can do fucking for England after I hand the Dissertation of Doom in and that will probably be so much jollier. See? It was a plan really.


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  • womb for improvement

    So another thing for after the dissertating (should you wish don’t feel obliged), I’ve tagged you – go to my blog for details.

  • MsPrufrock

    I’ve written my own Joy of Librarianship dissertation, it went something like, “Books r gd. Ppl should rd them. The end.” I failed.

    Goodeth lucketh.

  • bkwyrm

    I hadn’t realized you were doing your diss on librarianship – I have an MLIS. My thesis was on relational database management, written in the times when they kept changing the damn database interface every six weeks. I’d be done, done, gloriously done and they’d change the interface and I’d have to rewrite two chapters. Then they’d change something else. My husband (then boyfriend) called a halt to the revisions at about 4am one Tuesday and demanded I hand it in. I passed, thank heavens.
    I still have the occasional nightmare about interface changes. Ten years later.

  • Heather

    I hope you feel better soon. I hate having a cold and trying to write.

  • korechronicles

    I’m not here to diss the dissertating. A librarian has to do what a librarian has to do. But I must say I admire Ms Pru’s brevity and conciseness. I would have passed that one with honours had I been the one inspecting it just for the fact that I would be done with it in less than seven and a half hours of reading.

    My dissertation was actually a 30,000 word thesis and I still get sweaty and anxious when I think about the effort involved in getting my proposal passed by the ethics committee after three gut-wrenching tries. The actual research and writing was a walk in the park by comparison.

    Understand your concentration on getting it done. I’ll be thinking of you tapping away towards that 15,000 word target. I’ll manage the chocolate and alcohol intake for you, if you like.

  • Ann Z

    I got lucky and my school didn’t require a dissertation or thesis or anything other than showing up to classes and passing said classes for my MLIS. I never quite understood that, but neither did I question it. If I did write one, it would have been along the lines of Msprufrock’s, so maybe it’s just as well that I didn’t.

  • Jane G

    Good luck with the dissertation and come back to us soon!

  • Hairy Farmer Family

    Gawd. I remember mine. I wrote 17,000 words on the Roman Games in 2 weeks, mostly without sleep. Have no idea whether any of it was lucid or not.
    Best of British!

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