My cookie has fewer chocolate chips than everyone else’s

The astonishingly sweet Mel at Stirrup Queens had a lovely idea. What if we could all get together and look through each other’s blogs and choose the stand-out post of the year? That way, like Alice and the animals at the bottom of the rabbit-hole, we all get a prize at the end of the post-pool-of-tears recovery race. So we who signed up were anonymously assigned a blog to read through and choose from. Tick. Then Mel posted all the links and all the comments the anonymous reader had made on why they loved that post in particular, why it stood out, why it meant so much to them.

It’s a complete love-fest over there. So much bravery, empathy, grief, gratitude, hope and despair. It’s brilliant. It’s a world idea, as Eddie Izzard would say. So cool, so interesting, to see yourself through someone else’s eyes like that. So touching, to see what about you touches others.

I clicked on every single link on that list. I may not have commented on all of them, but I read. Every. Single. Damn. One. And I thought at least a good half of the other participants would be likely to do the same, nu? So we’d all be getting at least 50 clicks.

Number of clicks my ‘best post of the year’ got since Mel posted the list? Twelve. And I love every one of you with the power of a thousand burning suns.

Reason I think I got so few clicks? Well, of all the 144 little write-up paragraphs the anonymous readers wrote, I think mine was just about  the most terse. My anonymous reader chose this post, and of it he or she said, and I quote exactly, ‘May talks about the difficult task of being both a blogger and a commenter while suffering a miscarriage.’.

That’s it.

Umm… That’s it? Really?

Positive Thinking Fairy says, look, perhaps your anonymous reader simply didn’t ‘get’ your blog. It happens, no one can be adorable to everyone. S/he did his/her best, but didn’t get you. It happens.

Positive Thinking Fairy says, well, maybe your anonymous reader didn’t realise they had to make a comment as well as chose a post, and if they had realised they’d’ve given you several nice adjective cookies, and seeing the list even now they are feeling a bit bummed out that they haven’t cookied you.

Positive Thinking Fairy says, OK, so perhaps your anonymous reader was simply so bowled over by the great glowing sun fairly blazing from your backside that they were utterly lost for words. OK?

Bitter McTwisted says, remember the time everyone in the class except you got invited to T’s party? OK, now remember the time you did get a late, grudging invitation to T’s party, and that only because you were caught weeping about it in the stationary cupboard by the teacher, who then had words with T about it.


12 responses to “My cookie has fewer chocolate chips than everyone else’s

  • bkwyrm

    You have driven me out of the bushes to comment – I can’t remember how I found your blog, but I added it to my feed reader about a month ago. You are witty and clever and even in the midst of tragedy, you find a way to make it funny. I even went back to read past posts, and I hardly ever do that on the blogs of people A) who live in another country and B) I have never met.

    I am not your anonymous reader, just AN anonymous reader. I felt compelled to pop out of anonymity to say hello. Hello!

  • Mrs.X

    As someone who found your marvelous blog through That Most Infamous List, her description of the post is actually what intrigued me to read because it was so short – in short, she did you a favor! Ahem, anyway – I stayed because I lurve your blog. Yes, I said it. Does that make me a stalker?

  • Mrs.X

    Oh, and just in case I haven’t truly shown my whole stalker cred, i’ve given you an award, too. Check out my blog!

  • Xbox4NappyRash

    Oh May, I found your blog, what, maybe 2 months ago?

    Your writing and wit and tone under the circumstances you face genuinely amazes me.

    It’s impossible to sum someone, or a powerful post up in a line or two.

    It’s a great list (which will take up my day now) and you deserve to be on it.

  • Heather

    And that would be reason number 37 why I didn’t sign up to do that…

    I love reading your blog…you are a good writer and you help me understand things that I haven’t gone through. I love that you live in a totally different place than me and that we are sisters in Infertility. You have a great heart and you always make me smile and laugh.

    It would b hard for me to pick just one post too.

  • Aphra Behn

    Oh May.

    *hands May some Dutchy Originals Chocolate covered Lichen*

    *and a large gin*

    Your writing used to make me green with embittered envy, now I just look forward to reading it.

    You are quite scarily clever you know. You do know that, don’t you?

    I couldn’t possibly pick just one of your posts though, but I am grateful to you for drawing on your own life and experiences to make a gentle point about child-rearing in a situation where if I’d drawn on mine I’d have been hectoring and preachy.

    Who knows why you got such meagre commons? You’ve got a very devoted fan-base: a hundred of us dropped by the other day just to check if you’d posted an update, but we were too shy to leave comments.



  • Aphra Behn

    PS – And educative. There was so much about miscarriages that I never knew…

  • womb for improvement

    I think you might get more comments on this post than your ‘best’. I’ve seen the list of best posts but filed it under ‘something to invest a bit of time in one evening when I have nothing else on’ so I’m sure you’ll see the numbers start to creep up. And anyway its quality not quantity, and I think your blog is great.

  • thalya

    I’ve had one extra comment due to the list. I think it’s a great thing but it’s a bit daunting and certainly I haven’t clicked through to many blogs just yet. But hey, I didn’t need any old list to discover you, we’re old friends…

  • Robyn

    I’m grateful for NaComLeavMo for bringing me to your blog even though it was such an appallngly bad time for you. And I think reading that particular post, with its reference to the Pythonesque albatross, was when I realised I finally “got” you. And how funny, brave and strong you are.

    So now I’m going upstairs to make a fresh batch of triple choc chip cookies. And I can guarantee that the one with the most chocolate chips is yours. With a pint glass of absinthe to wash it down.

  • Hairy Farmer Family

    Oh dear. I didn’t participate in it this time around – hubby has moaned bitterly about my blogging time and I have moaned equally savagely about his shit-tv time and so we are trying to spend more time (gasp) talking – but I feel mightily disappointed that you have not been given your due quota of superlatives. You deserve much talking-up and enthusing about!
    And can I just say, speaking of just desserts (with chocolate chips in), that Bitter McTwisted and Positive Thinking Fairy deserve a blog of their own. And books written about them. And a spin-off movie.
    I love their exchanges that much!

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