Nobody relax just yet

I note, to my immense amusement, that over one hundred people have come by in the past couple of days, seen the posts about a) my ovary and b) my sex-life, and said nothing at all.

Hi! See my tag-line above? The ‘Too much information will certainly be shared’ one? Hah hah.

Anyway, I merely wanted to add that Dr Google and I had a consult, and then went to speak to Professor Google, Specialist Consultant Google, and Alternative Gibberish Google, and there appears to be no good medical reason at all to avoid trying to get pregnant straight after an early miscarriage. Unless you’ve had a particularly vicious D&C and have been left with no lining to speak of, whereapon it might take you a couple of goes to grow another one. No, the main reason they don’t want you TTC-ing at once is, apparantly, a) so you can take a month to ‘finish grieving’ and therefore not have a full-blown nervous break-down during the first trimester, and b) so they can accurately date your pregnancy from the date of your last period. To which I say a) finish? I was supposed to finish this already? But I’ve got enough left here to keep me going until the London Olympics, and b) how amazingly thick does a doctor or midwife have to be to assume the date of the last menstrual period means jack for a good 20% of the women they are going to see? No, wait, flash-backs to the Early Pregnancy Unit From Hell, don’t answer that.

So, seeing as I don’t really have any reasons to worry or beat myself up, my BBT was very low again this morning. Of course it was. I’m not allowed to ovulate if I’m going to be relaxed about it. There’s a clause somewhere in Satsuma’s contract, apparantly. I’ll give it a couple more days to make sure the Dotted Red Lines of Maybe have vanished from my chart, and then I’ll take the provera.

For God’s sake.

15 responses to “Nobody relax just yet

  • Hairy Farmer Family

    Dr Google. Love ‘im. My Delightful Doctor Next-Door Neighbours sometimes wince when I forgetfully make a wee slip, and lovingly refer to him. But he has NEVER ONCE kept me hainging around in a waiting room with feral children & crap magazines.

    Now. Satsuma.
    Oh, Satsuma. Now, really. Come one. This just isn’t on, you know. Your lovely owner deserves a bit more Ooomph from you. Could you… you know… sort it out? For May? Yes? Please?
    Theeeeeeere’s a good girl.

  • Hairy Farmer Family

    Like, hanging, but with extra throttle?

  • Hairy Farmer Family

    Ermmmm, and Satsuma should be coming ON not coming ONE. Doh. Obviously over-tired; going to bed now, head drooping with orthographic shame.

  • womb for improvement

    Hi, Just found you through the comment you left on my blog, thanks for that. Good to find another UK blogger and one who also has to contend with frustratingly long cycles (less of a cycle more of a tandem really) and uncertainty about when you ovulate. Will be back.

  • Jane G

    One month to finish grieving? In the immortal words of Jim Royle, “me arse”. Do you reckon whoever wrote that has even been through a miscarriage themselves? Nine months on from the last one, and there’s still grief there. It doesn’t have a time limit.

  • korechronicles

    Not daring to say anything about Satsuma in case she overhears and begins to plot ever more evil ovulation games for her amusement. Last thing I want to be remembered for is giving her any reason at all to indulge in far reaching revenge fantasies.

  • Xbox4NappyRash

    ‘Finish’ grieving?

    “Er, um, Okay then, just gimme a minute yeah?”

    sounds odd.

  • MsPrufrock

    Hi, I just come here for all the secks talk. Yum. More of that please.

  • deanna

    Well, personally, I didn’t comment on the post about all the loads of awesome sex you’re having because I’m wickedly jealous. My libido has literally been wallowing in the toilet for months, so all I could do upon reading of your wondrous marital escapades was offer up a deep sigh and root, “May, you go, girl.” I didn’t know if it was appropriate to congratulate someone on an excellent sex life (and thereby displaying how disgustingly pitiful my own is), so I kept my congrats (mixed with grumbling and envy) to myself.

    But, for the record: May, you go, girl. =)

  • katie

    No relaxing here! I’ve only been told to abstain the month I had the medical management and that’s because of horrendous birth defect type thingys which, somehow, we did want to avoid.

  • Rita

    sex? what’s that?

  • Nyx

    FWIW, I’m in complete agreement with Dr. Google.

    I also get how bizarre PCOS can be. In addition to fighting with my ovaries, I also have an unwieldy doctor, which makes this process all the more frustrating. After multiple patches of almost-fertile cervical fluid and getting some sort of line on an OPK for more than 30 straight days, my doc is convinced that I ovulated simply because I finally got a positive OPK. The gullible fool. As if my body would be so cooperative. Temps have continued to hover somewhere around icebox, with no temp rise, so I think my pituitary and ovaries are high-fiving at having put one over on the fertility specialist. Sigh.

  • QoB

    I’ve actually been coming by for a while – can’t remember for the life of me how I got here – but now I feel compelled to comment:) I would say there’s no such thing as ‘too much information’ if it’s written in that lovely way you have but no need to take that as a challenge:) Maybe Satsuma is depressed by all the *rain* here in these crazy islands (I know I am…); hope she perks up soon, with the threat of Provera, or the actual.

  • Geohde

    Ah May, you have it entirely right about the ‘waiting’ bit. It’s bollocks.

    Thinking of you,


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