For Pete’s Sake

You know, the plan, to get the third clomid cycle underway, and so forth, involving provera, what with own body flailing about in hormonal limbo? Yes. Well, no, I haven’t taken the provera yet. And why have I not done this? Well, everytime I leap up to retrieve the little white box from the top of the fridge, Satsuma also leaps up and grabs my wrist, crying: ‘No no no, I can do this, I know I can do this. Look! EWCM! Extremely low temperatures! Migraine! I’m ovulating any minute now, I promise!’ And I, like the tomfool banana-brain I am, give her the benefit of the doubt. Hey, I even pee on an OPK (always, astoundingly, amazingly, negative) to humour her. And then I have to wait three days to see if she means it or the OPKs change their little white minds, and nada, obviously, and I leap up again shouting ‘That’s really it! I am totally taking the provera RIGHT NOW!’, rinse, repeat.

So, following the two hottest nights of the year, my BBT has managed to drop to 35.72 C. Seriously. It was pretty much that in the bedroom. An I were not typing this at you now, I’d assume I was a corpse cooling to room temperature.

And then, this morning, my temperature was considerably higher than it has been for ten days. So, either I ovulated (ah hah hah hah hah), or I am coming down with something (hah. And, again, HAH), or the heat of the weather has finally penetrated my carefully constructed insulating blanket of lard and will now take another ten days to percolate back out again. I begin to see why the NHS ACU will have no truck at all with fertility charting.

So we’re waiting for another three days. And THEN we’ll take the provera. And I will not be fooled


4 responses to “For Pete’s Sake

  • Heather

    Why can’t we have a spot appear on the inside of our thigh or something that lets us know we are ovulating? Something easy. Something fool-proof.

    I hate when my body messes with me. I”m sorry yours is playing games with you.

  • korechronicles

    Frying my brain synapses here trying to work out whether Satsuma is like that totally physically inept kid who always put their name down for the 400m hurdles at the house sports, assuring us that they are champion hurdler material and then proceed to run stone motherless last knocking over every hurdle in the process while everybody feels incredibly sorry and embarrassed on their behalf or just a total tease with no intention of ever coming through with their flighty promises until beaten into submission with heavy drug therapy. Can’t even imagine what she’s doing to you with these mind games she’s indulging in.

  • Xbox4NappyRash

    What a total mind f***.

    I hope you nail it, so to speak.

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