One thousand times you cared

I announced there would be a 1000th commentator presentation, and then I, err, well, vanished. You see H and I went down to stay with the InLaws for the weekend, and I ran out of pre-train-catching blogging time. And at the InLaws there is no bloggy privacy (I’m sure they’d be perfectly happy for me to sprawl all over their broadband. I’m not perfectly happy for me to leave history trails in family browsers. You know, with phrases like ‘ovary’ and ‘cervical mucus’ and ‘I will actually hide in the bedroom when the mother-in-law does the washing-up, and surreptitiously rinse the mugs and inspect the cutlery again when she’s not looking‘). So I was shtum for a few days, and also lying under trees while admiring passing kestrels and eating tomato salad like a civilised human on holiday. And good Lord, but the countryside smells nice in the summer; I’d practically forgotten hot weather doesn’t have to smell of tarmac, petrol fumes, sweat and dog-shit.

Back to the Great Stink, and the sweaty everything. Luckily hot weather never lasts for more than a week in Blighty. And especially, back to our 1000th commentator!

The special person who landed the special place was…..


….Robyn of Kore Chronicles! Robyn found her way here through the great NaComLeavMo Event, and has since been charm and kindness and wit itself in her comments. Her blog is a beautiful photographic record of daily life, in all its weirdness, elegance, humour and poignancy. Everyone who reads this, go over to Robyn’s place and have a look. It’s very much worth it. Here, Robyn, is your Gold Medal and bouquet of tulips (I happen to be partial to tulips at the moment) and a big hug. Sorry about the sweaty everything.

And everyone else who has commented on this blog, you may not get medals, but you too can have your choice of hugs (not recommended until the weather changes), hand-shakes (probably a safer bet), blown kisses (I do these very cutely) and offers to buy any of you a drink should you happen to be in my neck of the woods.

Hurrah for the Internets! I am all verklempt.


12 responses to “One thousand times you cared

  • Hairy Farmer Family

    Yay for Robyn! Definitely a 24 carater!

  • Hairy Farmer Family

    Although I see that Aphra and I were closely pipped. This probably means we get TWO drinks, yes?

  • May

    Either I owe Aphra a coffee or she owes me one – I’ve lost track. But nevertheless, yes, go on, you can have two drinks. Each. Hell, we’ll order a pitcher of something with umbrellas in.

  • Mel

    What a gorgeous award ceremony. Sniff. Congratulations, Robyn.

  • thalya

    Oh yes, the country was so very much the right place to be this weekend. It’s gorgeous isn’t it? but you can’t live there of course. Only for visiting.

    Congratulations on the milestone.

  • Aphra Behn

    I owe you far more than a coffee May. A pitcher of something cold and wet with umbrellas sounds excellent. Though the weather has changed here and a pitcher of umbrellas under which to be cold and wet is more likely now. All we need is a cricket pitch and 22 men in whites.

    Thalya, I feel the same way about towns. They are useful for things like dentists and VAT offices and getting the car MOTd but not for for actually living in. Yukkk!


  • Robyn

    It’s me!!!!! I’m so over-excited I can barely get the cork out of the absinthe bottle with my teeth. Thanks May, for the tulips, they look stunning on the table by my front door. And the gold medal has already gone for framing so I can display it proudly on my wall. Although, how I will explain it to people who think I’m normal, I’ll never know.

    And, everyone to my place for the celebrations. Drinks, and chocolate, are on me!

  • megan

    congrats, Robyn!

    May, i seriously wish you and i could go have a drink together someday…

  • Xbox4NappyRash

    I’m hugging myself for you right now.

  • MsPrufrock

    As a non-drinker, you are welcome to buy me a coffee or a glass of water when I am round your way. Naturally if you ever deign to venture down to my coastal town, I’ll buy you one of them alkeeholic drinks. That’s how I roll.

  • Jane G

    Hi May, I have been lurking on your blog for the past couple of weeks. I’m really sorry to read what you have been going through. I’m in a similar pile of poo myself for the past number of months, so I’ve decided to start a blog of my very own so that I can rant at will when nobody irl wants to listen! You’ll find me at . Best of luck with the studies. I did my accountancy qualification part time whilst also working full time and going through a separation and divorce, so I feel your pain!

    But please don’t hold it against me that I’m an accountant!

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