Edited to add

Ah ha! Ah bloody HAH! I have finished the Case Study! I can hand it in on Monday! It is Officially No Longer My Problem!

It will, however, be my tutor’s problem, because I hacked and I hacked and I re-wrote and I swore, and the sodding thing is still 732 words over the agreed limit.

Heh heh heh. At least he can’t accuse me of not doing enough work on it.

Tonight we drink Whisky&Ginger and watch things on the telly. Tomorrow we cook things in bulk for the freezer, watch all those DVDs littering the living-room as thick as the Autumnal leaves strow the brooks in Vallombrosa, and snog the husband (incidentally, when I was growing up, I could see Vallombrosa from the bathroom window. Though this has nothing to do with snogging my husband).

Tuesday, back to the grind-stone. Dissertation to do. Of which we will cease immediately to think, as it interferes with the whisky and crap telly.


7 responses to “Edited to add

  • Hairy Farmer Family

    I am so full of Chicken Bhuna that I can barely reach the keyboard; we have also had a boozy evening. Whisky is at least 10% more proof than I can manage, mind you: it’s a proper grown-up drink.

    Yay! for finished case study. Yay! for next cycle in the offing.

    Tell us more of Vallombrosa! I dream of retiring to a rustic Italian vineyard in the BLOODY SUNSHINE. Your marvellous weather pixie looks permanently chilly, bless her. Loving her red plaits, BTW.

  • megan

    yea for the finished case study! that’s most excellent. congratulations!

    here’s to the hope that comes with a new cycle, too.

  • geohde

    Enjoy the whisky, oh productive one 😉


  • Amy

    Whoohoo! Congrats, cheers, and (of course) bottom’s up!

  • Robyn

    Slainte May. I’m having a wee sympathetic whisky for you here. Jolly good effort with the case study, you clever thing, you! And also on getting the go-ahead for the next go-round on the drugs.

  • Hairy Farmer Family

    You know, I have NO MEMORY of leaving that first comment. I must have been rat-arsed.

    Ahh, the shame of it!

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