Deadlines make for bad blogging

I must finish my case study.

I cannot think of a single sentence I want to write in my case study.

I nevertheless must finish my case study.

I’m sure you’d all rather I was talking about my cervix, my inability to get the ACU to call me back this week, the total no-show from Satsuma, and all and any other freaked out feelings regarding ponying up for Clomid 3 – Once More With Feeling. Hell, I’d rather be talking about it. But I must finish my case study. So please excuse me for another few days while I wail and scream and generally act like a three-year-old being hauled past the sweetie display in M&S.

(What in fucking fuck possessed me to start working full-time before I’d finished studying full-time? And, more to the point, why did I go back to work so soon? Answers on a comment form please).

(Also, please pray for my benighted husband. He has to actually live with me at present).


4 responses to “Deadlines make for bad blogging

  • Xbox4NappyRash

    Mmmmm sweeties….

    ….Mmmmm Cervixes….

  • Rebecca

    Hi, May! Good luck with your case study.

    I know it’s NOT the same, but I agreed to write a guest blog for someone. It’s due tomorrow. I’ve been thinking about it for a week and a half. NOTHING worth blogging about has come to mind, at least not for a guest blog, one in which the blog owner shouldn’t have to DO much other than cut and paste. (Otherwise what’s the point of having someone else write?) Ugh…


  • geohde

    Deadlines do make for bad blogging, but they do make for good blog entry fodder when they pass đŸ™‚

    As Douglas Adams once said ‘I like deadlines. I like the wooshing sound they make as they go flying past’. Or something to that effect.


  • korechronicles

    I am also a fully paid up subscriber to the Douglas Adams deadline wooshing model. It’s such a soothing noise when you are stressed to the eye teeth.

    I was going to offer to help you with the case study in my last comment but thought you might smack me with a chocolate coated bat for raising your hopes. I could read it for you and make completely inappropriate comments for when you need a laugh.

    Seriously, only one way to do those things and sounds to me like you’ve got it covered. Poor old H.

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