Standard and… not so enhanced

I’m a little peeved with my newly dyed hair. I washed it this morning – an act that is surely accepted practice in hot sticky summer weather – and it promptly faded from black to brown. Dark brown, yes, but so much for the Goth Lite thing. Also, did I tell you that, because I was using henna and indigo so as to keep nasty chemical dyes of Capitalist Badness off my skin and out of the water table, I spent a total of eight hours with compost ground into my head over the weekend? Unable to rest my sticky, staining, reeking head on anything at all? With neck ache? And H refusing to come near me? And then I had to scrub the bath, which looked like a pond? All this for browner hair?

Anyway, ask and ye shall receive. Here, for your viewing pleasure, we have May’s hair. On the left, we have the standard colour she was born with – well, not actually born with, in that she was born bald and then spent the first three years of her life as blonde as Shirley Temple, but, shall we say, the unadulterated colour she puts up with. On the right, we have the dark brown hair May is currently putting up with, and she strongly assures you that yesterday it was rather inkier.

Sometimes being an eco-freak hippy is just not worth the bloody effort.


10 responses to “Standard and… not so enhanced

  • Rebecca

    I’m sorry your hair faded. 😦 But I LOVE the new color. Or the “old” new color anyway. :/

  • Rita

    you see? THAT’s the colour I was aiming for – and your’s is not green at all!

  • RM

    Did the henna straighten your hair, too!?

  • Hairy Farmer Family

    I used to use henna when I was (cough) a bit younger than I am now, and I mostly remember the smell. When I was (cough) a little younger still, I used to use pots of vivid purple dye that could well have been poster paint with a hair dye label slapped on ’em. The results were always bad for the bath tub. A while ago I eventually acknowledged that my hair had a stronger will than I did, and gave up. Now, I’m just counting grey.

    Incidentally, I never realised just how FAR and how MUCH you splash bright-red-staining water when you carefully rinse your hennaed hair by bending over the bath with a shower hose. I can totally see how the forensics guys catch the stabby-murderer types, coz I could never adequately explain to my mother quite how the red indelible marks got onto the wallpaper and the bath mats. To this day, I’m sure she thinks I was doing a timotei-girl ad in there. Remember? The girl with the whippy blond hair and (for some unfathomed reason) a horse?

    Your hair looks a fab colour in both photos sweetheart, but I think you may have to bugger the water table a bit more in order to get the night to settle properly into your locks.

  • geohde

    On the upside, if it continues to fade out you won’t have to worry about regrowth 🙂


  • Rachel

    Thanks for the photos! I quite like the new color. My trick for henna is a shower cap and a cheap pillow case. That way you can lie down with the henna in rather than perching uncomfortably all day. Henna also sets much better with heat (and some people think a little oil, I’m unconvinced on that count) so sitting in the sun might help with the color lasting.

  • May

    Thank you all for the flattery! Such nice people!

    Rita – by mixing red henna in with the indigo, you prevent greeniness. Mind you, the state of the bath was exceedingly green. Quite scary.

    RM – no the henna didn’t straighten my hair. Brushing it straightened it. I have curly hair only if I wash it, comb it while wet, and let it dry naturally. If I then, say, comb or brush it to remove Extreme Tangles, vegetable matter from visits to park, small lost mammals, or my husband’s trapped fingers, it sulks and collapses into wavy hair.

    Rachel – the problem with using indigo to get a dark colour is that you have to let it air-dry. The dye only sets if it oxidises. Hence plastering it on very thick and wondering about all day in a hair-net (made out of an old bath puff) to stop lumps falling off. And yes, there were many moments when I whined that if I’d just used red henna like a sensible mortal, I could have wrapped my head in cling-film and carried on as normal.

  • Emily

    Oooh, I think the new colors lovely! My hairdresser makes up special bottles of shampoo and conditioner that every time you use it tints your hair a bit more. I did red a couple years ago, but I had forgotten all about it! I think I’ll ask for black/brown next time I’m in! My boss dyes her hair red and we look rather alike, and I’m bloody sick of everyone calling me ‘Alice’ anyway!

  • deanna

    The new-brown still looks very nearly black to me! Still very much a change from your normal brown (which I think is so very pretty in itself—rich with lots of neat highlights!)

    Bravo on having the guts to do it!

  • Aphra Behn

    I use chemicals and sod the environment. Which is worryingly gung ho of me now I come to think of it, because the environment in this case is a septic tank.

    Oh bugger.

    You could always stop washing it and let your scalp’s natural oils re-establish a natural balance and create a natural glossy sheen.

    I’ll get me coat.

    And me septic-tank cleaning rods.

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