Quick update from H

Visited May in the hospital of gloom. She has been given volterol in addition to the codeine and that seems to have eased the pain. The blood-work revealed ‘an infection’, so she has been pumped full of “enough antibiotics to defoliate the southwest of London” [May], as the combination includes Agent Orange!

She also thanks you for your thoughts, best wishes and virtual support (I printed out the earlier entry and comments for her approval and perusal). They are keeping her in overnight for a scan in the morning, if that doesn’t frighten anyone she will be released tomorrow afternoon.

I’ll let May tell you all about her rather strange ward sharing inmates.


13 responses to “Quick update from H

  • thalia

    Glad they’ve caught the infection, it all sounds too horrible. I remember being in incredible pain about 5 days after my ERPC and I DIDN’T have an infection, so I can only imagine how much you’re going through. Thinking of you.

  • Rebecca

    By the way, your wife has an amazing sense of humor, especially in the midst of all this.

  • DC

    I am thinking of May and keeping my fingers crossed that the antibiotics clear up the infection ASAP. Please send her my best.


  • Hairy Farmer Family

    (Hands over metaphorical bunch of grapes & a jazzy card)

    I can remember being huddled on a gynae ward post-miscarriage with my head in my hands, listening to the woman opposite me moan about her morning sickness and just Hating Her. And having 2 SHO Drs who completely misunderstood my unusual uterine set-up. And wondering why, once fetal sac had gone, the pain had got worse. I wasn’t infected, and eventually discharged myself out of sheer frustration that they had no answers for me. The pain took a fortnight to wear off. And here was me thinking afterwards that I should have had an ERPC coz they’re less painful! Doh.

    So glad your pain is being managed. Yay Voltarol. And sorry about the inevitable antibiotic-induced vivid green poo. Best if you don’t look down.

  • deanna

    So glad for updates from you, H, and to hear that May is getting some good drugs that are hopefully giving her some respite.

    Please pass along hugs and good wishes to her. She is in the thoughts and hearts of many of us.

  • Katie

    Urgh. I seem to remember the antibiotics make your mouth taste like hell too. Thinking of you both.

  • Robyn

    Again H, thanks for updating. Hopeful that pain and infection make themselves scarce. As fast as possible.

    Hurling multiple “feel better” vibes across the internet. Can’t wait for the May-take on her ward companions.

  • Emily

    Oh dear, dear, dear. I hope the medicine fixes you up, and you’re ok soon! Poor thing…

  • M

    I must start by saying that I am very sorry for your loss. And, to have an infection after all that you’ve been through, well… it’s just a million times worse. I will be keeping you both in my thoughts as you grieve your loss, and heal physically as well.


  • geohde

    H, thank you for the updated update,

    Get well soon, May



  • Heather

    Thinking of you guys. I hope you feel better soon and get to come home.

  • Aphra Behn

    Holy shit.

    If there is anything Z or I can do, let me know. Thinking of you both.


  • Alicia

    oh wow! I hope you are ok soon!

    thanks for the comment on the blog today! I am glad to have brought a smile to your face, I really love kissing those shoes, they are soosoo pretty! hee hee

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