Don’t scare me like this

I was spotting when I woke up this morning.

The very reassuring and sweet nurse I spoke to on the phone was keen to point out this can happen in early pregnancy and usually means nothing. I am to call back if the cramps get any worse (they’re about the same as I’ve been having all week) or the bleeding increases or turns red. Meanwhile, I am to take it easy.

I have an exam on Monday, and I had planned to spend the weekend revising for it. I now have the attention span of a goldfish on cocaine and I keep needing to stop for a cuddle and a little weep.

Pikaia, beloved, if this is a false alarm, your timing sucks and you are so grounded.


9 responses to “Don’t scare me like this

  • Rachel

    Oh, how stressful! I wish you the speediest, snuggliest restful weekend.

  • Pamela Jeanne

    Sending you peaceful, relaxing thoughts …

  • Sol

    Hang in there. *hug*

  • Artblog

    Have I congratulated yet??? Oh ignore my absent mindedness if I have already if not CONGRATS!

    Hoping all goes well for you. My sis in law bled in early pregnancy and her daughter was fine.


  • Rebecca

    Oh, my…

    I will pray that all is well.

    And I’ll also pray that you’ll be able to concentrate enough to study for your exam. (It took me a couple of reads to realize that “revising” is equivalent to “studying.” šŸ™‚ )

    Hugs and prayers to you…


  • MsPrufrock

    I’ll keep you in my thoughts. Be advised (and no doubt you know this as an avid blog reader) that a lot of people experience some bleeding early on.

    May the bleeding stop so you don’t have to worry…any more than you would usually anyway.

  • Rita

    Crap. My Wise Woman Herbal for the Childbearing Year book is at work.
    All I can remember – Red Raspberry tea (uterine tonic) and False Unicorn Root -indicated to prevent threatened miscarriage and ease vomiting associated with pregnancy.

  • geohde

    Crossing my crossables for you,


  • Katie

    Nothing much I can say except don’t do anything strenuous, and have lots of cuddles.

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