I’m so happy I could hurl

Given that I am not quite five weeks pregnant (OMG I just typed ‘pregnant! OMG!) yet, does it make any sense for me to be feeling sick? I have been feeling sick since Monday. It started as the odd ‘ick’ in response to bad smells. By Tuesday, I was feeling sick in the evening. Wednesday, I started feeling sick at lunch-time and carried right on all afternoon. Today, I started feeling sick at 11:30 am. (See? Not morning-sickness. At all. Anti-morning-sickness).

Oh, I don’t need compassion. By ‘sick’, I mean vaguely sick, mostly. I haven’t been sick. Save the sympathy for those poor benighted women who can’t keep anything down. So far, eating actually helps, as does lemon and ginger tea, lying down, and slowly gnawing away at an oat-cake like a squirrel on thorazine. And H is being positively angelic about cooking in the evening (so I don’t have to), emptying the bins, washing up, anything, in fact, I don’t really fancy doing and am using feeling sick as an excuse not to do – heh heh heh. Though I did do laundry and get supper started today, in between revising, trundling up to the local library to borrow even more pregnancy books, and leaping up to shriek ‘Pee-sticks! Positive pee-sticks! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!’

On the other hand, the nausea has been getting worse day by day, so I may well want, nay, demand your sympathy by next week.

Boobs, still tender and sore, and not fitting into bras, and trying to jiggle them into the cups is a whole new level of not-fun. Do not want to go bra-shopping. I hate it anyway, also, buying maternity bras? Now? J-i-n-x.

I am also still getting achy pains, as if my period was about to start any second. I HATE these. They freak me out. I have to steel myself to look at my knickers or the paper when I go to the loo, just in case something appalling is happening. I know crampiness in early pregnancy is Normal, Officially Normal, but still. *shudder*.

Quite a large part of me is convinced that all the above is psychosomatic, and even if I can trust the (oops, nine now) positive pee-sticks I can’t bring myself to throw away (and a smaller but very stubborn part of me is wondering if they are psychosomatic), why on earth would I be getting such strong pregnancy (I typed it again! Hah hah hah hah hah!) symptoms so soon?

I did call the ACU, in the end, feeling very much like a teenager making prank phone-calls and expecting my bluff to be called any second. But no, they not only believed me, but gave me an appointment for a scan (a scan! A scan, people!). It’s on the morning of the day my new job begins. Oy vey! Ahahahah! Eeek.

Pikaia is working on a heart now.


5 responses to “I’m so happy I could hurl

  • Jackie

    May, I am so freaking thrilled for you, I can’t put it into words. I’m sorry I only learned of your news today. I’ve been in and out of the hospital since Sylvia’s arrival (my perineum was torn to holy hell, infected, debrided, stitched, unstitched, restitched…ugh) and then have been in a general Percocet haze…but enough about me. This is all about you and YOU ARE PREGNANT!
    I kept my peesticks around until well into the 3rd trimester. Nesting kicked in at some point and I finally decided to pitch them. You should keep them around as long as you damn well please! I’m sending lots of positive vibes for your scan and can’t wait to hear all about it!

  • geohde

    I fully predict that if you’re starting to feel ick already, that you probably WILL hurl at some point.

    It helps to remember that it’s all in a good cause.

    Oh, and don’t your clinic do betas?


  • deanna

    So excited about the SCAN!!!! And, what better good luck than to have it along with the first day at your new super-cool job?! There’s just loads of good stuff wrapped up in that package. =)

    I never had morning sickness (aka: any-time-of-day sickness), but the nausea got me for weeks on end. Eating was the only thing that ever helped, so I decided weight-gain be damned. Thankfully, it’s totally gone now, along with some of the other nasty first trimester bugaboos. Here’s hoping you get only the least difficult ones!

  • Rita

    I had the “steamed white rice, anything remotely chicken” sickness. Also couldn’t swallow broccoli.
    So – I ate beef. Every day. Sometimes twice a day.
    The nausea will subside. As long as you are not barfing more than what you are drinking. Cravings will start.
    I remember I used to sneak over to the grocer to buy coca cola – just 1 can. And I would drink it there and return home looking very innocent.

  • Solnushka

    Never actually got sick, but I was feeling nauseous from what seemed like unfeasibly early. In fact, the first time round I complained incesently about feeling sick for ages before I actually connected it with the idea I might be pregnant, depite having been trying to get pregnant that month. I simply didn’t think it kicked in that early.

    The crampiness is disconcerting, isn’t it. Still, as you say, normal. Normal, woman.

    Wait till you start growing new moles in the first few months, panic you have developed skin cancer, make an urgent appointment with the doc only to get told that they aren’t moles, but some other pregnancy symptom. It’s astonishing how much the body reacts to small bean type things.

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