Things to put very firmly OUT of one’s mind

  1. It is day 11 post ovulation. My temperature has not dropped. By this point last cycle, my temperature was bouncing off the coverline. However, the weather is very warm. This point is therefore being kicked across the local park.
  2. I received the results of my 7dpo blood test this morning (it was actually, I must re-iterate, a 9dpo test because of the Bank Holiday Weekend. Gah). Anyway, my progesterone levels this time are, and I quote, ‘really good’. I have no idea of the exact number – I did ask but the consultanty person on the telephone repeated that they were ‘really really good!’, possibly not quite fathoming that she was dealing with a demented control-freak who Needs Numbers. She also said ‘good luck!’ about eight bazillion times in an increasingly chirpy voice that finished somewhere in the ultra-sonic. Why the excitement? It made me Nervous. I simply must stop wondering about the meaning of ‘really good’ progesterone on day 9 when it was ‘very slightly pants’ on day 6 last time.
  3. Of course I cracked and peed on a stick. I am human.
  4. It was an evap line. Evap evap evap. Stupid cheap internet peesticks of doom.
  5. My mother made a crack, a few weeks ago, when I was whining about exams, and essays, and the Dissertation (hyperventilate), and the application process for Dream Job (hurrah! hurrah!), that this would be the most perfectly typical time for me to get pregnant. I said, hah! for what else was there to say? Hah! And again, HAH.
  6. I refuse to get the peestick out of the bin for a third time, I don’t care if the light in the bathroom is better now the sun is that side of the house.

Can you tell I’ve spent the day alone in the house ‘studying’? Can you? Can you?


4 responses to “Things to put very firmly OUT of one’s mind

  • Heather

    But studying what is the question??? Oh, go get it out of the bin – you know you want to look at it some more!!

    I’m super duper excited for you!!!

  • geohde

    Hmmmm, if you get another line tomorrow I’m going for HCG over evap,


  • Shinejil

    Oh, the days I’ve spent “working on my dis” with similar thoughts rushing around my head! Or the hours Dr. Google and I conferred when I was supposed to be planning lectures and whatnot.

    Good luck with your next POAS round. I hope Geohde is right. 🙂

  • Pamela Jeanne

    How can you NOT think of this completely all-consuming subject? If you do manage to distract yourself it will need to be much more interesting than studies!

    As for the dream job/pregnancy combo — when it rains, it pours! Here’s to a monsoon!

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