I can has job?

I had that pesky interview for Dream Job this morning. The new smart top I got yesterday, for today’s interview, has a V-neck to end all V-necks – well, on me, at least. Is it that tops are cut extra-slutty these days, or am I Carrying Them Boulders High? In any case, the camisole I put on under the top to look more professional (in a demure library way and not – oh please not – in an ‘underneath the lamp-post’ way) was also really rather low cut and vanished out of sight by lunch time. I am glad I did not notice until lunch-time. Lunch time was marred already by the sudden, heart-stopping realisation that I had made a socking great mistake in one of the pre-interview tests.

Oh hell.

Oh helly hell hell. And I went on and on in the interview about how attention to detail, I has it. I nearly bit the trim off the cafe table in mortification. It took every ounce of nerve I could build up with iced coffee (did I mention it is Suddenly Summer in Blighty?) to go back to work after lunch and, err, work (lurkily. In a dark corner of the stacks. So I wouldn’t have to look my interviewers in the eye).

On the plus side, H approves of the new top, slutty neckline and all, and H brought me a very large bunch of very fabulous tulips this evening, and we got take-away from the nicer take-away for dinner.

Because I got Dream Job after all.


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