Unnervingly pleasant

I spent the Bank Holiday Weekend doing absolutely as I pleased – On Saturday H and I went to Kew and were overwhelmed by the ASTONISHINGLY cute families of goslings and ducklings and coot chicks trotting about the lake. We fed the Canada geese crumbs and the tiny fluffy babies came right up to our feet to eat them, while their parents stared carefully at us. On Sunday we vegetated, on Monday we went to the cinema to see ‘Iron Man‘, utter hokum, but really rather jolly for all that. It was exceedingly nice to spend a weekend NOT up to my eyeballs in coursework I am surreptitiously trying to avoid.

Today, back to business. I got up at sparrow-fart to go to the Hospital Out In The Country for my 7dpo scan and jab. The weather was astonishingly pretty, bright clear blue skies, warm by 7:30 in the morning – rather a shock considering that last week it was 11C and raining in a glumly unstoppable sort of way. So I was actually in a good mood by the time I arrived at the ACU, in a good mood throughout my scan despite the fact Nice Lady Wand Monkey forgot about the No Left Ovary Thing and asked me which side my follicle had been. Err. Same side as ever. She was prettily sorry and found a suitable uterine lining and corpus luteum for me. And I remained in a good mood even sat waiting for my blood test in the waiting room shared with the maternity clinic (though I did have a ‘but she has four! Four already! What is SHE pregnant again and I’m not? Why? Why? Why?’ moment, which was luckily interrupted by my number coming up for stabbing). I got the Excellent Phlebotomist again, who can find veins in my right arm though every other phlebotomist who ever tried has robustly declared there ARE no veins in my right arm. He wished me luck again. And I wandered off in a good mood still.

I even cheerfully went clothes shopping to buy a nice blouse or some such for my interview tomorrow – and I hate buying clothes. I have spent the afternoon reading up on cataloguing and watching Kurosawa DVDs. I feel lucky. Therefore I feel convinced something will now Happen with a capital Hah!


2 responses to “Unnervingly pleasant

  • Heather

    I think something will HAPPEN too!!!

  • geohde

    It’s a sad reflection of just how much shite we get used to that the work ‘pleasant’ becomes ‘unnerving’. Hope only good things continue to happen- and boy that is one protracted job application process…


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