Good Lord, it’s May

Complicated week, in the May-H household. Or, at least, it felt complicated, possibly because I was functioning on less than a full set of brain-cells after the Essay Thing. I think I have got them all back now. I think. Let us recap.

Item: The Essay Thing. We had better not speak of the Essay Thing ever again, because 1) I fouled the last one up even with the extra week, sob sob, and 2) As soon as I mentioned essays nearly all of the 50 or 60 people who visit me when I put a new post up couldn’t think of a single thing to say, and I felt like a very small beetle of exceeding unimportance. Clearly, I have yet to build up enough Bloggy Love to be forgiven a week or so’s inattention while I attend to a mere essay crisis. I am EXTREMELY grateful to the people who did comment during the Essay Thing, and I love them all more than I can say.

Item: Got a positive OPK on Saturday, and jolly well ovulated on Sunday, and jolly well know I did because bloody OW. I am very slightly baffled by the fact that ovulation in the human female is supposed to be ‘concealed’, even from the woman herself. Does no one else spend three or four days feeling a growing colicky ache culmninating in wrenching stinging pains in one or other lower abdominal quadrant? Is it a PCOS thing? Is it just me?

Item: It took me until Wednesday to book my 7dpo scan and blood-test, as the ACU were being remarkably bad at answering the phone. And, having got through at last, we realised day 7 would be the Bank Holiday Monday, and they would be shut. So my scan is on Tuesday. Never mind, between last cycle and this cycle, we average 7dpo scanning.

Item: I have THE job interview, for Job of Dreams, on Wednesday 7th. It includes a test. Me no likey tests.

Item: And I wandered away from work with my pockets full of vitally important keys last night, and had to rush in to give them back today despite the fact today is my day off. Obviously, I was kidding myself about the brain cells. Will I have them back by next week? Ah ha ha ha.

Item: H and I had been invited to stay with a friend weekend after next. H reminded me of it a few days ago, and I surprised H by becoming rather wild-eyed and snarling, so he dropped the subject, nay, leapt back from in it as from a hot coal. It eventually dawned on me I’d have to explain the problem, as H was obviously not in a mathematical mood. That weekend will be when my period is due, you know? Remember? The periods that practically knock me to the floor and turn me chalk white as my stupid uterus reacts to the shedding of its lining as I would were I being skinned alive? We will not even begin to consider any possibility at all of my NOT getting a period because I am not going to entertain Bitch Hope at all, even for a second, as I still haven’t finished darning up all the holes she chewed in me last time. So, what to do? Go, hope it won’t be too bad? Go, make friend feel bad by refusing to get off her couch? Refuse to go, make friend feel bad by said refusal? Explain all to friend, have hideous TMI moment, try to get her to decide?


4 responses to “Good Lord, it’s May

  • deanna

    Hot diggity for the positive OPK!!! Woot, indeed!!! As for o-pain, there were definitely months that it required a gulp (or two or three) of advil to keep from hunching over sideways. For me, though, it was every months—just the the every-so-often ones when one of the girls was feeling devilish.

    As for the friend dilemma, I always HATED letting my period determine my calendar, so I would advise going to stay with the friend. If the ugliness kicks in, just be prepared to get TMI with her and tell her you had lots of fun, but need to go home early.

    Lastly, GOOD LUCK with the job interview! Kick some booty.

  • geohde

    Congrats on ovulating- I personally never feel a darn thing, but that might sound like bragging given what you put up with.

    Double congrats on being past essay thing. I always detested writing essays,


  • Heather

    I don’t know if it is a PCOS thing or just because Oing is so rare for some of us that when we do, we notice? Either way, it sucks!

  • PamelaJeanne

    “I am very slightly baffled by the fact that ovulation in the human female is supposed to be ‘concealed’, even from the woman herself” — this has always baffled me, too.

    Wishing good things for you on both the interview and the cycling front! (BTW: when did cycling no longer involve a bicycle!?)

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