And… pause.

I dutifully ‘held on’ for several hours this morning, so I could have a late-morning-but-fairly-concentrated sample for the OPK, as recommended in the slightly patronising leaflet that came in the box.

Pee. Wait three minutes. Examine lines on pee-stick.

Well, stronger than yesterday’s line, but still not QUITE as strong as the reference line. Nearly. Not quite. Can we stop staring at the silly thing now?

Dear Satsuma, bless you for trying, but can we have that positive surge now, please? Those OPK stick things cost a startling amount of money, and I will be very cross if you use up an entire packet on just the one cycle.

Geodhe, thanks for the warnings. Yes, indeed, waiting to ripen is slow and tedious. Do you suppose pear-trees feel like this?

And thank you everyone for being so sweetly complimentary on the powers of my wit. I blush. I blush muchly.

Right. And back to your currently programmed schedule of nothing very much.


2 responses to “And… pause.

  • deanna

    Here’s a note from my trysts with OPKs—-I never, ever had a line as dark as the test line. It would start out ghostly faint, creep up darker and darker for a few days and then disappear altogether suddenly. Then, sure enough, I would see a big temperature spike to confirm the egg popping had completed.

    Hope this helps! (though I imagine any outside input can just make all this even more confusing. Just had to pass that along as a tidbit to consider. )

  • deanna

    shyte—that should have read “…I never, ever had a line as dark as the *control* line….”

    (See, just more confusing crap to add to the mix….argh.)

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