Is it a bird? Is it a plane?

It would seem that spending Easter lying on the carpet, playing Civilization IV with a husband who is actually in the other room on the other computer (this is deeply sad. I know it is. But I’m winning), eating cake and drinking port, is quite good for bone-idle slacker ovaries.

Today’s scan – one follicle, sixteen millimetres across. Due to pop in the next 48 hours, should it agree to grow another millimetre or two, and there’s no reason why it shouldn’t, according the the completely-different-from-any-other-consultant-I’ve-yet-seen consultant, who was quite happy about it, even though it’s day 21 already and I am seriously thinking, if we can’t manage any sooner than day 21 ON Clomid, and happily manage around day 21 OFF Clomid, what the freaking freak is the freaking point, not that I put it quite like that, as she was actually talking to me as if I was an adult and not a house-plant. Which is a novelty.

I was also firmly ordered to pee on OPKs, even though the very packaging says they don’t really work for PCOS people, because apparantly the Clomid overrides the PCOS, and to call them the second I got a positive.

I peed on an OPK this afternoon. Not positive. This gives H the night off. H is relieved. But he is very politely pretending not to be.

You see, H and I have been dutifully making the beast with two backs for days and days on end, just in case (and, oddly, the day H referred to it as ‘baby-dancing’ was the day that we did not, and I’m sure the violent nausea and general desire to set fire to the next person to mention baby-dust had nothing to do with it). Poor us. You may as well force-feed yourself 30 chocolate truffles every day for a week. It sounds extremely nice in theory, and even a little in practice, right up until day five or so, when the desire for a nice cool glass of water and an episode of Antiques Roadshow overwhelmes you completely.

Continuing with the policy of Sharing Everything So No One Can Invent Spurious Nonsense, a policy, by the way, that H tipped me head-first into and which I would have probably eschewed for its complete opposite left to my own devices, my mother now knows about the existance of The Follicle (but NOT, and I must stress the NOT, the endless humping – H may have no shame, but my mother is a Lapsed Catholic), and is Excited About It. I haven’t the heart to disabuse her too firmly (though I did try to do it very gently, which she found amusing) because there are bad health worries in the family and it’s all a little depressing, and it’s her birthday next week and ohhh, this’ll end in tears whatever I do, won’t it? Yes. It will.


7 responses to “Is it a bird? Is it a plane?

  • geohde

    Follicles can grow a little larger before popping on Clomid. You may ovulate a little later than that, don’t worry if your OPK’s don’t turn positive just yet.

    Oh, and I’d think maybe you need a bigger dose if the Clomid made no difference this time. My best ovulation on Clomid was day 21 also, and averaged later, but that’s weeks better than my usual efforts.


  • Bec

    This is very interesting to me, cuz I have taken Clomid this month and last, with a CD 13 ultrasound. Both times my largest follicle was 12. And was basically told not to give up for the month, poas on CD 28 and 35 – and then call them back and we’ll start over. I have been wondering if we are doing the U/S too early in my cycle. I even asked the tech who did the U/S and she said they always do them on CD 13.
    But what you write gives me hope, that I still may ovulate later in the month…
    Good luck to you – I know what you’re going through!

  • PamelaJeanne

    I had to remind myself that at the heart of this extremely entertainingly written post … there’s a follicle at stake, a very important follicle. So hoping this cycle DOESN’T end in tears.

  • megan

    go Follicle go!
    keep peeing on those OPKs. i found them to work okay on clomid… i’m with Geohde, i think they might put you on a higher dose of it in order to try to make you ovulate sooner. then again, as long as you’re ovulating, they might be happy…

    hope everything else on your very full plate is going well too!

  • Jackie

    My hope: It ends with tears of joy.

  • Jackie

    But then it would not really be ending…
    I would also like to say (without posting additional separate comments) that you make me laugh out loud so frequently I may need to invest in these lovely companies that manufacture my underwear protection. So thanks for that. For the laughter, that is.
    BTW, one more thing, my husband and I will IM when we are both in the house and each on our own computer and have even done it when sitting across the table from one another. He would probably faint from joy if I would start playing one of his games (especially this Team Fortress 2 he is especially fond of right now). In his book, you are the coolest possible wife.

  • deanna

    YAY! 16mm sounds promising and wonderful! Pee away, May!

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