It’s the drugs, stupid

Things that have made me extremely cross today:

  1. The unbelievably foul horizontal hail as I tried to get from coffee shop to lecture theatre.
  2. One of the suppliers at work failed to turn up last week and I phoned them twice, twice, dammit, to check they had the right dates, before I went home in agony on Wednesday and rolled about on the floor for three days.
  3. Getting into a seriously awkward talk with my line-manager about my absence, in which I did mention period pain and future hospital scans, and tried not to mention fertility treatment or ovaries, only to find out later I’d given her the impression I needed surgery again. Arse.
  4. The man with the suitcase the size of a small horse on the tube, blocking all access to the shiningly empty seats. Yes, I did clamber right over his suitcase, and yes I did mutter (she uses the word ‘mutter’ ironically here, I believe) ‘OHferfecksake,’ loudly enough to be heard right across the carriage as I did so. Did he move his sodding suitcase? Did he buggery.
  5. Having soaking wet feet all afternoon. Squelch squelch squelch.
  6. Powerpoint.

Things that merely made me a little cross today:

  1. The tourists sitting in my favourite coffee shop, exchanging very laboured jokes about ‘English Weather’. Yes, it’s pouring rain and howling a gale. No, this is not that bloody usual for us. No, we aren’t that keen on tree-branches sailing past either.
  2. People even trying to use an umbrella in this weather – see bits about howling gale and horizontal hail above. Morons. I counted eight discarded broken umbrellas stuffed in various bins on my way into work this morning.
  3. H offering to cook dinner and then wandering off to check his email which meant that I panicked and checked the rice instead of trusting him to come back in a minute and finish sorting it out himself, at which he came back and pointed out he was in control of it all, really, and I snarled at him.
  4. And then interrogated him for several minutes on the rest of the ingredients for dinner, as if he was six years old.
  5. I am ashamed of myself. Oh, and I snapped at him yesterday evening too, because he had the temerity to help me make the bed. Grr.
  6. I have SO many spots. Acne may do wonders for one’s youthful appearance, but frankly I’d rather look my age and cute.
  7. I am so bloated. I look like a barrage balloon. I wore a floaty tunic today (got soaked, stuck annoyingly to my thighs) in a vague attempt at camoflage. I think I looked like a pregnant water-buffalo.

Things that actually made me actively homicidal for a few scary minutes there:

  1. People who put music on their blogs. I am very sorry, but I listen to my own music on when I read blogs. The clashy clashy noise, so very not good. By all means put music on your blog, but LET ME DECIDE IF I WANT TO PRESS PLAY. OK? OK. We’ll say no more about it.
  2. The fellow student, luckily anonymous, who I called a fucktard arsehole for not having yet returned the book I really really need to borrow for my coursework. It’s overdue, you git. I’ve reserved it. GIVE IT BACK.
  3. The whole subject of consumer-led folksonomies taking over from controlled taxonomies, subject-heading and indexing. Don’t ask. No, really, don’t ask. I haven’t even finished my degree in this and already I am FUCKING REDUNDANT oh my God but I’m being unreasonable today.

Also sorry to my tutor and classmates for the ten minute rant on exactly how bloody wrong iconographic taxonomy can be about Renaissance Art and again, please don’t ask.

Fucking Clomid.


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