We do not do things the natural way here.

This morning’s pee-stick, negative.

Spot the Hell-Hound, bouncer on the door of the Last Chance Saloon, turned up for lunch.


Clomid it is, then.

I am surprised at myself for being so angry about this. What on earth else did I expect? And if I’m going to get in a stew for a random natural cycle that no one expected until it turned up, what in God’s name am I going to be like after three or four weeks of pills and dildo-cams and sex endurance trials?

I also feel guilty. Poor Queen Satsuma has clearly been doing her damndest this year – look! She has even lengthened my luteal phase this time! – and I am still going to beat her into quivering submission with evil mind-altering little white pills of anxst.


6 responses to “We do not do things the natural way here.

  • Artblog

    Sorry May! Hoping the Clomid does the trick! HUGS

  • Heather

    I’m sorry you have to use the pills from Hell…

    I hope they work quickly!

  • Jackie

    Hey May, I’m sorry to hear about your BFN. I too hope the Clomid will do the trick for you…I also hope your ovulation isn’t any more uncomfortable than the last. But it could very well be (I certainly ‘felt’ ovulation much more on Clomid, but it was nothing like injectable drugs-Yeeeouch). I wish I could go out for gin martinis and Thai food with you to commiserate. Oh well, next time I’m in London.

  • Amanda

    I’m sorry that you’re heading into Clomid. Hopefully it quickly does the trick for you!

    and I’m right behind you by about two weeks.

  • Katie

    I seem to hear about a lot of Clomid babies, and it may not be nice to take but let’s hope the outcome is nice.

    Nothing wrong with a bit of assistance from science.

  • Pamela Jeanne

    Ugh to the negative. On the brighter side, nature sometimes needs a boost. Here’s hoping “nature” gets the message from Clomid.

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