Ah, decisions

We’re going to try the clomid.

But you knew this already.

I nevertheless insist on my prerogative not to like it.

Meanwhile, day seven of the not-quite-two-week-wait. Waiting waiting waiting bored bored bored – well, the bizarre part being I have nothing to be bored about. I have far too much course-work and paid work to do to flollop about being bored. Also, remember the possible Job of Dreams opportunity? The person who would be my boss if I did get it has firmly encouraged me to apply and also firmly believes ‘something’ can be worked out around study etc. So much firmness is quite promising. Also, ARGH job applications ARGH ARGH.

Narrative imperative dictates that this would be the most bloody perfect moment to get pregnant and screw my promotion up. Therefore naturally I shan’t, as the Fates are too clever to fall for that.


6 responses to “Ah, decisions

  • megan

    i’m liking the promising nature of the job of dremas…. but i’m also hoping the Fates are feeling a bit off their game. i’ll hold out my hope for Murphy instead if you truly believe the Fates to be too clever. 🙂

    the clomid didn’t do horrible things to me. i hope it is the same for you…

  • Rita

    ok. that’s a good step. just mark it on the calendar because you might (and I’m hoping not) have some mood swings…
    ~sending you positive fertility vibes

  • deanna

    I say yay-rah to the Clomid, too. Why not up your odds—it’s such a tiny little pill, anyway, right? And, yet capable of so very much good. It’s worth the go!

    Rooting for you, thinking of you!

  • Mel

    You are permitted to not like it. In fact, if you did, we’d start to wonder about you May…

    Good luck on the job front.

  • Pamela Jeanne

    Why is it two opposing forces always seem to find each other?

  • lizee

    may….it is time for the universe to smile on you and h …..more than time.

    sending all the positive forces i can conjure up.


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