Reasons to dance a little

Funnily enough, the teetering tsunami of work at work did indeed fall on me on Monday. After a nice weekend spent doing Very Little and Feeling Much Better, Thank You, this probably served me right. Ah well. I have dug myself out from under it, and my To Do list has been corralled onto only the one sheet of paper, and I got to most of my lectures on time. All is well, and the sun has been shining, and here we are in a fresh! New! Improved! cycle.

More than that, I got some course-work back, and no matter which way I turn it up and squint at it, my tutor has still written ‘A’ on it.

And H is cooking me dinner.


One response to “Reasons to dance a little

  • Rita

    New cycle with the new moon? Hopefully something around quarter moom. I have PCOS too. I found that using Maca and Vitex supplements plus red clover + red raspberry tea with False Unicorn root tincture did the trick – my cycles returned in November and I actually had fertile CM in December. I was so astonished I showed DH and he lost the mood at that moment (noted not to show CM to DH again).
    Too much information? Sorry.
    Sending you positive fertility vibes

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