Bisy Backson

Still waiting. I have a huge essay to hand in on Tuesday, so as little as I am enjoying it (and it is very little indeed), I am thoroughly distracted from any and all reflections on my sore nipples, the remaining 47 Pee-sticks of Doom, whether or not I felt sick this morning and the extraordinarily irratating stiff neck and shoulder I have developed by heaving heavy boxes about all Friday. I have more heavy boxes to heave about tomorrow, and I can see the essay turning into a frantic all-nighter on Monday night. Pee-sticks? Ah hah hah hah.


2 responses to “Bisy Backson

  • Pamela Jeanne

    Thanks for your comments to my latest post. MUCH appreciated. You raised some excellent points.

    I hope the stiff neck and shoulder discomfort goes away pronto! And of course, will await your next post with hopeful thoughts…

  • deanna

    Waiting with you, and just as impatiently. I haven’t peed on a stick in FOREVER, yet if something doesn’t happen this afternoon (ie: a red flag, or I come to my senses), I’ve decided to blow money on some on my way home.

    Peeing with you in spirit. (Is that gross?)

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