No explanations

(Written comfortably sat in my own bed, with H (poor chap, he hasn’t had a nice morning at all) in the next room, within reach of the kettle).

Things that are perfectly normal about me:

  • My blood-pressure (well, it was alternately high and normal, but I have iatrogenic blood-pressure issues at the best of times. In other words, doctors make me panicky).
  • My blood sugar – well, low end of normal. Normal end of low.
  • My blood oxygen.
  • My heart rate.
  • My ECG.

Tests that came back cheerfully, utterly negative:

  • Anaemia
  • Urine infection
  • Pregnancy.

Things that are not normal about me:

  • Falling down in a dead faint in the middle of a coffee shop on my way to work this morning, and being bundled into an ambulance as a shivering, incoherent jelly by concerned onlookers (to whom I am extremely grateful).

4 responses to “No explanations

  • megan

    the normal is good. the not so normal is not so good.
    i’m glad you were surrounded by compassionate onlookers rather than the type who would step over you to get their latte. more glad that you’re home and seemingly okay. how scary.
    might you be juggling too many things at once? take good care of yourself, May….update us when you can too, okay?

  • deanna

    Oh, May! I hope you’re feeling okay now!

    I fainted like that once during college. Exams were ferocious, I had just started dating Jake and was a mess of emotions. I was working at a job I LOATHED. Everything was piling up on my unendingly, and then one day at work—kaboom. (I wasn’t so lucky with the kind onlookers, though. That’s a pleasant gem, at least!) Anyway, my point is that fainting, for me, was my body’s way of saying ENOUGH ALREADY! Maybe your body is asking for a time-out, too?

    Thinking of you, and wishing you didn’t live so far away! (Internet hugs just seem so inadequate during times like these…..)

  • Katie

    Poor you! I prescribe going home and sleeping and watching TV.

  • geohde

    Owie. What a day, eh?

    I hope that you’re back to normal soon. Fainting in public is never a nice experience.



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