On a succession of very long nights.

  1. On Monday I am starting a two-week placement at Prestigious Museum, as part of the librarianing MA. This is INTIMIDATING. But then, I am a shy and nervous startled fawn, and anything new freaks me the heck out. I am intellectually aware that two weeks at Prestigious is a cool as can possibly be. I wish someone would explain this to my gut.
  2. Either I ovulated on New Years Eve. Or I didn’t. If I did, my temps are so low I think there is nearly no progesterone in my bloodstream at all (bad). If I didn’t, well, arse, really, as this cycle is 72 days long and enough already just about covers it. And anyway, I have no faith in my body’s signals. It’s a confirmed liar, this body. At this rate, I’ll believe I have definitely ovulated at some point in the past just about when I go into labour.
  3. H has a cold. H snores and thrashes about when he has a cold. I want to go to sleep.
  4. H and I had a row last night. Of course we saved it until we were in bed and just preparing to go to sleep in each other’s arms. Whatever started the row was as nothing to the follow-on row about the way we row (me, intense, angry, demanding explanations and discussion and resolutions, tending to rant; H, panicked, refusing to discuss anything at all in case he says the wrong thing and annoys me (behaviour guaranteed to annoy me, so very counterproductive), tending to deny all responsibility for anything at all ever, starting with the stupid thing he just did and ending with global warming). Yes, we sorted it out – we never, or, at least, I never go to sleep in an unresolved and pissed off state and H just has to lump it – and kissed and made up and so on, but at 4 am. I want to go to sleep.
  5. I really should cut H a bit more slack, especially when he’s coldy.
  6. H should really cut me a bit more slack, especially when I’ve made an effort to deal kindly and constructively with an issue in the face of an overwhelming desire to bean him with a lamp-stand and sleep in the spare room for, like, oh, ever.
  7. Marriage, eh? All that and H made me breakfast this morning. I do love the man.
  8. And back to fretting about innards and work placements and why I have no smart but comfortable outfits to impress Prestigious Museum with.

2 responses to “On a succession of very long nights.

  • geohde

    My husband is incredibly whiny when he has a cold. I don’t cut him much slack when he call in sick ‘with a lurgy, I’m so unwell’ perfectly chripily and brightly and without a sniffle or rasp down the phone.

    I’m embarassed for him, after all what on earth must his bosses think? Whuss!


  • deanna

    Your museum stint sounds awfully cool!!! And, how nice to have a two-week change of pace. I would soooooo love that. Hope you have a wonderful time!

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