A head full of tinsel

And then Christmas happened. Followed by family. Oh, yes, family happened. There was the grandmother on antibiotics, too frail to stand up unaided and yet refusing to tell her carers the pills were giving her ‘dizzy turns’ as she didn’t want to bother anyone, the other grandmother recently diagnosed with cancer and waiting for surgery and feeling miserably ill, the grandfather with an anxiety disorder, and who could blame him, the mother with the wrenched hip and the step-father with the cough and the aunt with whatever anyone else has and the sister who Was Not There Because She Was Partying and the four-year-old daughter of said sister with a stomach bug, and everyone who was not one of the above, and even was one of the above, running about fretting about it all. And then New Year was all done and Auntie May had absolutely had enough, went home, and had a migraine. Whereapon H decided to go one better and have the cough thing.  Meanwhile May’s innards went ‘I ovulated! No I didn’t. OK, maybe now I did? Yes? No? No. Ok, how ’bout now? No? Yes? Maybe? Do you want to jump up and down on your digital thermometer yet?’. Current state of play, I possibly ovulated on New Year’s Eve. Or have possibly been variously hungover, sleep-deprived, or did I mention the migraine? Damn, but that aura thing is pretty sparkles.


2 responses to “A head full of tinsel

  • Jackie

    Hey girlie, I hope things clear up for you soon! I understand about the family shite, sometimes it’s just best to be at home away from all that.
    I have had 2 auras in the past few months and I have to admit they scare the crap out of me, mainly because I’m afraid of what will follow (nothing to date, knock wood). A head full of tinsel is quite an apt description. Nice job.
    I hope your 2008 shapes up to be a terrific year! Or at least a better year than 2007.

  • Pamela Jeanne

    Wow. I thought I had it bad with 16 straight days of relatives — sharing bathrooms, always getting in each other’s ways, etc., — and a lingering bout with a cold/flu bug + jetlag. But a migraine plus demanding relatives, yuck that’s the worst. Here’s hoping that our year gets on track ASAP and delivers some goodness…

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